Billionaires For Wealthcare – Not Healthcare!

Posted on | September 6, 2009 | Comments

With all the talk of healthcare reform, we at Billionaires for Wealthcare have one simple question: What’s not to like about the current system?

For the last decade, heath care costs have been moving in the right direction: up.  With no competition, we raise rates as often and as high as we like — 29% in some cases, simply because, well, we can. To further maximize our gains we have a star chamber of insurance bureaucrats, backed by legions of anonymous temps, who adhere to strict cost-to-profit ratios when denying claims. But please don’t call them Death Panels; we prefer “Judge, Jury & Executioner.”

To those who call for rational, not rationed, care, we say, What are you Canadian? As to the rest of you — reformers, (em)pathetic legislators, and anyone sick or who might ever get sick — we say, ‘What are you going to do about it? Choose a public option?’ Not with us paying lobbyists $1.4 million per day to kill it before it even gets out of committee. Is it any wonder that as healthcare reform inches ever closer to the grave, health insurers’ stock prices have shot up?

Health care reform is on life-support and we’re here to pull the plug. And we’re doing it with the same talking points we used in 1994 and so many times before.

Thanks to our loyal foot-soldiers Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, we’ve raised the level of discourse to a cacophonous din. While some suggest Glenn & Co. are fomenting their audiences’ anger with lies, threats and intimidation, we simply call it creative messaging for traditional ends. At times, these teabaggers vent their anger in our direction. We’d like to remind these well-meaning folk that their fight is not with us, it is FOR us. Thank you! The check is in the mail.

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  • Meister Brent

    You really struck a nerve in me with this one. I’m starting a Sarasota Chapter and I’m gonna be the Chairman of the board. The wealthy of Sarasota please join me. Contact me at TOWERONTHEBEACH@YAHOO.COM.

    It’s time to get the word out and protect our god given right to turn a profit.