Billionaires Shower Dollar Bills, Gratitude on Sen. McConnell

Posted on | March 21, 2010 | Comments

The Billionaires for Wealthcare showered Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with real bills on behalf of the insurance industry for the GOP’s extraordinary attempts to kill health care reform. The Billionaires met McConnell as he left his appearance on Face the Nation at CBS News in DC.

“Senator McConnell, thank you for all your hard work – here’s a little something extra from the insurance industry” The Billionaires shouted as they tossed their bills. “Vote ‘no’ to kill healthcare reform and there’s more on the way”

The event capped off the nation’s tumultuous health care debate, which saw every member of the GOP attempt to thwart reforms that would lower costs, increase access and end atrocious industry practices.

“We’ve been spending over $5 million per week to kill healthcare reform” said health insurance executive Clay M. Denyed. “We’re glad to finally go public with our support. Besides, confetti is cheap – we know that only money means anything to the GOP.”

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  • John Hannitard

    Huzzah! We must fight this new health care bill! Remember when we started Fox News 10 years ago, the legendary event known as 'Bonfire of the Hannities', where we gathered up all coherent, valid arguments against liberals and burned them! They were then replaced with marginally sentient buffoons trained to point and scream “Socialist!” or “Government Takeover!”.

    We must do this again to stop this new health care bill! Remember, a healthy population means less profits!

  • J Keech

    That was great! A liitle bit too much honesty there for McConnell to handle – had to get out of there quick.