We couldn’t agree more!

Posted on | April 6, 2010 | Comments

Talking Points Memo reports:

“My ancestors, actually, weren’t on the Mayflower. They sent the servants over first to get the cottage ready.”

Haw haw haw haw haw! That’s from the Facebook page of J. Roby Penn IV, the 29-year-old oil-and-gas heir who serves as the mid-Atlantic director of the RNC’s Young Eagles program.
Also: “I believe in a purpose driven life… if life’s purpose is backgammon and tennis.”

And: “If you don’t have an oil well, get one.”

The Young Eagles, as you know, have helped throw the RNC into crisis after their trip to one of LA’s top bondage-themed nightclubs. But given the man-of-leisure persona cultivated by Penn, maybe it’s not so surprising that the group is used to being entertained in style.

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    And, you billionaires have almost absolute power over the Democrats too. It's a wonderful world, for you.

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