With all the talk of healthcare reform, we at Billionaires for Wealthcare have one simple question: What’s not to like about the current system?

For the last decade, heath care costs have been moving in the right direction: up. With no competition, we raise rates as often and as high as we like — 29% in some cases, simply because, well, we can. To further maximize our gains we have a star chamber of insurance bureaucrats, backed by legions of anonymous temps, who adhere to strict cost-to-profit ratios when denying claims. But please don’t call them Death Panels; we prefer “Judge, Jury & Executioner.”

To those who call for rational, not rationed, care, we say, What are you Canadian? As to the rest of you — reformers, (em)pathetic legislators, and anyone sick or who might ever get sick — we say, ‘What are you going to do about it? Choose a public option?’ Not with us paying lobbyists $1.4 million per day to kill it before it even gets out of committee. Is it any wonder that as healthcare reform inches ever closer to the grave, health insurers’ stock prices have shot up?

Health care reform is on life-support and we’re here to pull the plug. And we’re doing it with the same talking points we used in 1994 and so many times before.

Thanks to our loyal foot-soldiers Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, we’ve raised the level of discourse to a cacophonous din. While some suggest Glenn & Co. are fomenting their audiences’ anger with lies, threats and intimidation, we simply call it creative messaging for traditional ends. At times, these teabaggers vent their anger in our direction. We’d like to remind these well-meaning folk that their fight is not with us, it is FOR us. Thank you! The check is in the mail.

You can contact us at info -at- billionairesforwealthcare -dot- com

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  • Steve Kattula

    simply brilliant!
    I am right outside of Washington and would love to attend your next event.

  • Calming Influence

    I ain’t no Billernare yet, but I’m just a couple a lotto tickets away! I’d be honured to help spred yer messege!!1!

  • Sharman H

    This is priceless……love it!!!!
    Would love to see that in Houston.

  • http://www.dailyplacebo.com jeadly

    Awesome! I wish I knew you were out there, I woulda threw on my tux and metroed down.

  • Markss

    Very funny!

    Is it inspired by your French counterparts (horresco referens!), “Manifs de droite” (=”Rightist demonstrations”)? It looks very much alike!

  • sharris

    I love it!!! I can’t stop watching the videos and laughing. Would love to join in one of your DC area events.

  • Barb


  • Dawn Marie

    Thank You!!! I am overjoyed that you are out there! The concept is brilliant, the execution; flawless! I hope your organization continues to grow and prosper. Please let me know if you have any chapters forming in Beverly Hills.

  • Bill E. O’nare

    All you billionaires in Charleston SC. Let’s make our voices heard! E-mail me lfhdez at gmail dot com

  • Right N. Wrong

    I will bet one billion of my fortune that more than half of my party doesn’t know how many zeros are even in a billion. Any takers?

  • http://naiveson.com/?p=1399 If We Any Broke, Don’t Fix It | Notes From A Naiveson

    [...] Billionaires for Wealthcare is a grassroots network of health insurance CEOs, industry lobbyists, talk-show hosts, and others profiting off of our broken health care system. [...]

  • Linda Patrick

    I understand Republicans don’t get satire, thus the teabaggers didn’t understand they were being made fun of.

  • Mary

    Love it! Ohio needs you!

  • nell

    Loved you when you were “Billionaires for Bush,” and this is a wonderful reprise of that sentiment!

  • nell

    Keep up the good work!

  • http://N/A Rabiello

    Well, well, what can one say? Having just watched some video clips, I cant believe my eyes and ears!! What is going on in America? Are people that stupid that they are lead like dogs? Not capable of seeing the reality of life? I am just dumb founded!!
    The reform that is being put forward by the present legitimate Gvt is the best thing America has seen since 1776!!! Well, besides the Independance from us of course…
    The richest, the most powerful and yet the ugliest system in place when it comes to the health of the American Citizens…What is it all about? Yes, we know, Greedy fat bastards making a living out the pain of others…We know who they are…
    Enough is enough, give the dignity back to the people and make sure the State is responsible for the Healthcare…Embrace the reform and you will reap the benefits very quickly!!


  • http://www.burnedbookspublishing.com John Storhm

    You know the tea baggers have to eat… how about a $1,000 dollar a plate food cart!

  • EC

    Congratulations. The Billionaires made it to the top of Yahoo news. Now you’re famous!


  • Beekay

    It takes intelligence to do these things. You folks care to do it in Austin? Austin, unlike the rest of Texas, sure has a lot of ‘billionaires’.

  • MP

    I love your style and your approach! I applaud your courage as it would scare me to intermingle with anyone who attended the 9-12 rally!

  • ines

    count me in!!!

  • Mrs. Victor Virile

    It is so lovely to see young people engaging in the political process as we did back in the 1980′s during that dreadful ERA Campaign. Luckily for us ladies, who belonged to “Ladies Against Women”, we had Phyllis Schlafly. Now you have the lovely Sarah Pallin to lead the charge for all of us ladies. I only wish we had video of our performances from long ago to share. Still our wish for the creation of the “National Association for the Advancement of Rich, White, Straight Men” seems to be coming true. Although, I think the ladies in your group are a bit too forward.

  • DW

    I just read that Yahoo story and they didn’t even realize they were putting in a BfW pic. They thought they were real protesters! LMAO!

    BTW, I love you guys! This is exactly what we needed in the middle of all this crap!

  • http://www.myspace.com/joedavideasonthreesome JoeDavid

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE post your Battle Hymn of the Republic Lyrics! I’m a Musician and want to record it and post it on my MySpace Artist Page with your permission,giving all credits and links to Billionaires for Wealthcare! This is a Brilliant move and this movement must grow to Goliath Proportions!!!!!!!!

  • Eva Gabore

    I need to be there with you when you come to Westchester. I am assuming you are coming to one of the wealthiest counties in the country and would love to be there with you! Absolutely Fabulous, Dahling!

  • Laura Stone

    I say! It is about time that someone stood up for those of us that stand on the backs of others! We can’t have that foundation wobbling, how will I manage in my Louboutins?

    Keep up the good work, and all of that. I’ll send my help ’round to do the chanting for me, I have a fundraiser for Pfizer to attend, terribly busy, you understand.

  • Sharon

    The Billionaires ROCK! This approach is brillant. I’d love to see the Billionaires at every event nationwide. The more publicity, the better. So much more fun to watch than all the yelling, lies and armed idiots that the news media focuses on.

  • Simon

    This is AWESOME! What a brilliant way of presenting the voice of sanity.
    You should post the song on youtube, advertise on facebook…might just get people actually thinking rationally…

  • danny watson

    Love your message.Maybe you could bring it to some of these idiots in S.C.

  • Corina

    AUSTIN TEXAS LOVES YOU!!!That’s right, Texans! We live in the capital of a state comprised mostly of Republican liars and idiots. We need more people like you to turn this state around! Your efforts, rally, message and approach are brilliant, refreshing and we are ecstatic about your movement. Please come to Texas!

  • Bobby

    I’m out here in the SF Bay Area, and I love the approach y’all are taking. If only our general populace weren’t so disparate and polarized… People just don’t understand, do they?


  • T. Bagher

    Wonderful, having all those nasty, smelly poor people march for my new Gulfstream III !

  • Ed

    Brilliant Idea! just Brilliant!

  • http://www.karinwells.com Karin Wells

    Bless you. Hope for sanity has been restored.

    Could casual (but cashmere) Yachting attire be the exception to the more formal dress code when I take to the streets to demand the status quo?

    When Buffy and Biff arrive I’ll take some time out, of course, from screeching “survival of the richest” – to enjoy some beluga caviar and a bottle of Montrachet 1978 from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.

    I think that the Billionaire Movement will find fertile ground in New Hampshire…the “Live Free & Die State.”

  • Judy

    Excellent. Please keep doing this. Such a breath of fresh air.

  • Dr. Praffit N. Siintev

    Thank you so much for what you do. As an executive with a small pharmaceutical company hoping to reap enormous profits in the years to come, it is comforting to know that someone “has our back!”

    Please keep up the good work.

  • Max Baucus

    I don’t remember getting a check from you guys. I understand that you’re busy, but I think you know who you can count on to get this mandate passed.
    To our bright futures! Max

  • Lady Tretheway

    My fabulous darlings!

    I find each and every one of you to be an inspiration! If anyone wants to start a chapter in the Seattle area, I would love to take part.

    Also, if anyone knows of a good shoe repair establishment that can effectively clean offal off of my stiletto heel, please inform my valet. I’d be much obliged. (Sometimes stepping on the backs of the little people can be so messy!)

    Kiss, kiss!

  • Diane

    Lest we lose our heads over the subject, the wealthy elitist yuppies in this country need to be reminded of what happened in France a little over two-hundred years ago when the people got good and tired of being hungry and down trodden. La Guillotine awaits….

    It may be a joke to some, but to those of us who suffer from a need for decent healthcare, it’s no laughing matter!

  • Mellissa724

    Bravo!! Thirty minutes from DC, and would love to go to an event!!

  • Errick

    I love it LMAO. I need to get invovled with you guys, let me know when your in phoenix

  • Stephanie

    You are the bright spot in a very bleak landscape, definitely the folks to hang with as we go through this painful process. Not to mention… you write a helluva anthem.

    Bravo, bravo!

  • Lea


  • Jema


  • Laurel

    I am sooooooo into your movement. I have always wanted to be one of the really wealthy haves and not have to give a damn about the have nots. Does this involve any type of subliminal messaging or other brainwashing techniques? Because I’m not sure my health care policy covers that kind of stuff.

    Loved the video, and you should pay Mr. Clueless who shook your hand and gave you the thumbs up at the end. He could be the poster boy for the anti-reform movement.

  • Tamra

    YOU GUYS ROCKED! Thank you and let me know the next time you are out there and I’ll join you!

  • James

    Brilliant stuff chaps. As an Englishman with a real soft spot for the states, i dont understand how a country like yours can have such an ancient and selfish health system. you are right to protest. Even the most right wing of people in the UK would never argue against the national health service. It is as important as the school system, the police or fire services being run by the government. I actually have private healthcare insurance giving me access to private hospitals in the UK which are often better than hospitals i have been to in the US and i still often use the NHS for many things. It has its flaws but so does every system and you would struggle to find anyone in Britain who would scrap a public health system (and that doesnt make us communist). I am happy to pay the tax even if i would never use it. It is good for business and society as a whole. I will never understand why anyone in a supposedly christian country would argue against Obamas healthcare reforms. Your youtube video is being forwarded around England as we speak and i doubt you will find any Europeans who do not completely support you and your amusing method of protest against these anti reform lunatics. You must have a tough time living with the Bush voting members of the population over there and i really feel for you. Keep up the good work.

  • http://www.arguewitheveryone.com/general-political-discussion/73700-illiteracy-teabaggers-pictures-lmao.html#post1714773 Illiteracy of teabaggers IN PICTURES LMAO

    [...] folk that their fight is not with us, it is FOR us. Thank you! The check is in the mail.

  • Auriandra

    You guys are better than Prozac! Better be careful or the BigPharma guys will flame you for cutting into their profits. (Hint: they’ll settle for a small “contribution”.)


  • Jeanne Thatcher

    Please send an address to which I may send a contribution.

  • http://pogblog.blogharbor.com Wendy Fleet

    Your Status Quo Hymn of the Republic is the first time I’ve been happy since they threw Single-Payer under the Aetna Wealthcare Limousine back in the Spring.

    In my lifelong pantheon of Heroes to a Press-On-Regardless political activist, I will always LOVE Billionaires with all my heart.

    You go, Billionaires! Thank Pan for you!

  • John Sky

    The link to the large blue caduceus on the “Signs” page is broken (links to the Cigna/Palin sign instead). How can I get a large PDF of the caduceus?

  • Samantha

    Saw you guys for the first time at the rally yesterday (9/22) across from Penn Station. You rock! I definitely want to become a billionaire for wealthcare and distribute aspirin and apples to the great unwashed. (thanks for the apple yesterday, by the way! :)

  • Big Pharma

    Great!!!!! Keep up the good work! I plan to join you folks if I can ever find time away from counting the obscenely high profits I made last year.

  • Silence is Complicity

    Do you have t’shirts for sale? I’d like one with your logo and another one with the saying, “If God loved the poor people, he wouldn’t let them get sick.”~~Billionaires for WealthCare

  • http://pogblog.blogharbor.com Wendy Fleet

    This is the Status Quo Hymn masterpiece for folks to copy & paste everywhere. That first “quo” is the best sung syllable ever sung on the planet. Please please tell us who sang it!

    Status Quo Hymn of the Republic, the lyrics:
    Rejoice & let us glory in the profits we attain/
    By rationing the remedies for suffering & pain/
    And no one’s gonna mess with all our monetary gain!
    Let’s save the status quo!
    [If our healthcare corporation!
    Never faces regulation!
    We'll be brimming with elation!
    Let's save the status quo!]
    We bought a bunch of senators/
    And congresspeople too;/
    They serve our corporate interests/
    And we tell them what to do./
    This gravy train will stop the day/
    A healthcare bill gets thru,/
    Let’s save the status quo!
    [If our healthcare corporation!
    Never faces regulation!
    We'll be brimming with elation!
    Let's save the status quo!]
    In every other wealthy nation/
    Healthcare is a right,/
    But not here in America,/
    No, not without a fight!
    We’re fighting for the right/
    To monstrous profits day & night!
    Let’s save the status quo!
    [If our healthcare corporation!
    Never faces regulation!
    We'll be brimming with elation!
    Let's save the status quo!]

  • brian

    Awesome, love it. Good medicine.

    But, conservatives don’t get satire. At all.

  • franc

    Do you have t’shirts for sale? I’d like one with your logo and another one with the saying, “If God loved the poor people, he wouldn’t let them get sick.”~~Billionaires for WealthCare.

    me too.
    - excellent slogan! and a great approach; a great way to say fu@k you to idiocy… – make the people who get it laugh. – love it! thanks.

  • Bill

    Excellent message delivered in an appropriate manneer.

  • Bobbie from Texas

    Finally, the much-aligned insurance companies have a group speaking for them who are really telling it like it is. Stephen Colbert will be proud.

  • http://billionairesforwealthcare.com Billionaires For Wealthcare
  • http://save-the-corporate-rich.com/ Brian Dawson

    Cool! i think the Middle Class should know it’s place! After all CEO’s are so much smarter than me! They deserve to be paid millions. So what the President of the United States only gets $400K. He only deals with global warming, the economy, socialist health care and unemployment.

    But Corporate CEO’s they have to deal with not just out sourcing my computer programming job but also which nation to ship it to? China, Ireland, India or Singapore!

  • George W. Dahmer

    It’s about time someone stood up for my rights. Social justice is entirely overrated and boorish. It’s high time we remind people of thier place, firmly under our feet.

  • suziq

    Great work and imagination!! Y’all were outside a town hall meeting earlier in October, in Santa Clarita, CA., with Rep. “Buck” McKeon (R). As the crowd was filing in – and obvious gop majority except for a few of us – the woman behind me said “Now who is this?” as she read the your posters. Then she said “Oh, I don’t think they are on our side!” I took a picture and laughed my a$$ off – my daughter was terrified we would be attacked by those so called compassionate conservatives.

    But the bursting into song at the town hall is a BRILLIANT move!! The humorless republicans will never get the satire, however. Still – please keep up the fantastic work!!!!!

  • vilcabamba

    Great work, classy and to the point.
    Here is a link to a blogger I very much respect, Alaska’s Mudflats, who has a post on your action, with very high praise.


  • Kilia

    I like what you do..keep up the good work and show ‘em what it’s REALLY all about!

  • Rich Whiteman

    Thank you so much for what you do and how you do it (musically and humorously). I notice you don’t yet have a chapter in my neck of the woods (middle TN), so I’ll see if I can help get that together and stay in touch.

    Terry (aka Rich Whiteman)

  • Jane Hauser

    Love it!
    How about billionaires for the rhabilitation of slavery.
    Workers would be better off, they would be lodged and fed, etc..
    Great voices too! Would you like a hornist like myself join you?
    How about doing a real opera?
    I am an merican living in France where our real Health Care system is under threat by the French richest-right run government. I have often thought of trying to organize a “back to slavery” demonstration, but lack the communications and organisational skills. You have reignited my imagination.
    Thanks so much!
    Jane Hauser

  • alexandra

    hey i really love what you guys do I'm a high school theater student but not many of my peers have heard of you guys is there any way you can get a message out to my age group i would really like for people my age to get involved.

  • http://dupedby4crap.org/ Earl Simmins

    As the founder of C.R.A.P. (Citizen's Rallying Against Parody) we are not amused. Our glorious leaders in business and government are doing the best they can under current conditions to enrich themselves only so that this will trickle down to the common man who is used to being trickled on remember the Holy One (Ronald Raygun) and even B.O. would say ” God helps those who help themselves !” believe me we love the poor and will make as many as possible.

  • Brian

    I love it!

  • elspethham

    Yea, how bout a real opera; a sing along messiah that could burst out spontaneously in the streets where everyone knows the music and the lines and the ballet so to speak but has independent riffs like jazz. Billionaires for Freedom Fries. Billionaires for One World Order. Billionaires for the Oil under Paris….see Jean Giraudoux; Madwoman of Chaillot and Apollo of Bellac…..imagine standing in line telling a Greenspan or Bill Clinton,or a Ronald Reagan, “How handsome you are! What would we have done without you !” The battle hymn of the Republic is quite a start. Go Billionaires Go.

  • johnmudd

    I love it, you and the Yes men need to get together and plan one big tea party. Let me know, I am with you all the way.

  • Davey

    Sounds to me like you're a group of jobless theater majors. If you spent as much time trying to get a career as you did practicing, you would have healthcare!

  • robertwchapman

    Saw you guys (in another guise) at the protest march in D.C. (9/26th??) around Katrina's strike. We marched that day and loved seeing you all in great satire. Keep it up! In fact, push it a little more. Get more press. Get more exposure. It is a classy way to get the message out there. You need a good PR department!

  • Nick Blosser

    62% of bankruptcies in this country are caused by our failed healthcare system. Do you think none of those people had jobs when their family members got sick?
    Go crawl under a rock.

  • http://worsethanyouthink.weebly.com/ JD

    It looks like you've covered 80% of the Republican agenda (minus pro-life, creationism, et.al.).

    Seriously, you've hit a nerve. This is what it's all about: A Tale of Two Americas. Wall St. runs the show. Washington is theater. Perhaps you might give some open attention to the Wall Street's hidden (in plain sight) Poverty Engineering program, the systematic impoverishment of the middle class. In the words of George Carlin, “no one seems to notice, no one seems to care.”

    Paraphrasing Steven Colbert, we are indeed a country where we can get the populace to vote against its own interests. The best recent smokescreen was the “death panel” and “socialism” shouts at the town meetings. Don't those people realize the private health insurance companies have been doing the death panel thing for a long time, so I guess they want to keep that. In the end we mostly get what we deserve. If any of those people lost their health insurance, they'd change their tune real fast. But as for the 40M+ uninsured, it's the American character: if you have health insurance, you don't care about those who don't.

    Confused? Keep these equations straight:

    capitalism = democracy
    health care = socialism

    Like any of this? Try more at the link below.

  • Dave Hoot

    By denying healthcare to some we avoid rationing for all!

  • http://worsethanyouthink.weebly.com/ JD

    Sorry. That sound like acceptable losses. Sacrifice the minority. I've never been in the military, and it may be Hollywood perception, but I thought the soldiers always went back for the wounded. Would you accept your role as an uninsured to avoid rationing for all? Even Bill O'Reilly said we're not going to let them die in the streets. He meant well, but it could very well happen. Documented on video, a sick woman was ignored and died in a hospital waiting room. That's not very far from the streets.

  • Name

    I've been doing research on the lack of accountability and transparency in the death care industry. Came across a website:www.acancerdoctor.com. It appears the involvement with the “featured” doctor and the Natl Inst of Health begs to question what is going on at the NIH. Apparently the doc has a rap sheet a mile long—including tax and med ins fraud, but yet is paid as a federal employee thru the NIH huh?! The NIH is supporting a health care criminal with our tax dollars???? Now, that is the spirit!

  • http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/802575-billionaires-wealthcare-san-diego-kickoff-tea-5.html#post11400246 Billionaires for Wealthcare at San Diego kickoff of Tea Party Express II – Politics and Other Controversies – Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberals, Third Parties, Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Congress, President – Page 5 – City-Data For

    [...] A Billionaire posted there. it's kind of a community bloggy site. Daily Kos :: About Daily Kos About : Billionaires for Wealthcare I see that you post the pictures but refuse to look at those "billionaires" in them. I [...]

  • http://kansasmediocrity.wordpress.com/ Tracy

    I love the site. Rock on billionaires!

  • tasha_huebner

    Simply brilliant. As a wanna-be billionaire myself, I have been inspired to spread the word: http://thethighmasterroutetokona.blogspot.com/2…

    Billionaires unite!!

  • biker999

    As a participant in Michelle Bachman's “House Call” rally against the government takeover of the medical industry in Washington DC yesterday, I saw you 5 or 6 naive young fools mocking our concerns, characterizing us as shills for billionaire exploiters of the sick.
    I have a few questions for you geniuses.
    I and 10 thousand fellow Americans took a day off work and dug in our own pockets to travel to the nation's capital to voice our concerns. I paid $50 for a seat on a bus chartered by our Tea Party group. Many others bought airplane or bus tickets, or drove from distant states to be there. We were not remunerated one cent by anybody. My question to you young idealists – did you pay your way? If not, who did? Health insurance companies are not the only lobbyists. There are many interests who seek to gain millions of taxpayer dollars when one sixth of the American economy – 3 trillion dollars- is transferred to a corrupt government. Did you march for free? Were you paid by the hour? We did not and we were not. I was not being used as a pawn for any interest. My activism springs from my personal concern for liberty. Can you tell me you are not a pawn of special interests. You cannot if you received one dime for travel, accommodation, or any other consideration from any organization.
    On this site you deride health insurance companies for “adhere(ing) to strict cost-to-profit ratios when denying claims.” Do you think government is immune to the economic reality of “scarcity?” Are you even aware of this concept? Do you think that passing market realities over to corrupt politicians and rigid bureaucracies nullifies this economic reality? Let me enlighten you. The health insurance entities with, by far, the highest rate of denial of claims are Medicare and Medicaid! How's that lofty cost-to-profit ratio demagoguery looking now?
    So, why is it that government-run health-care fares worse than private-run health-care in the old cost-to-profit/denial of claims arena? Because the private sector must compete to retain customers. The government has a captive customer base with nowhere else to go. Tough concept for you youngsters, I know. You will discover this reality to your horror when your dream of total government control over this vital service is realized.
    You claim on your site that our health care system is broken. Admittedly, there are many areas of our free market system that can be cursed and demonized. We can all attest to shoddy service and maddening bureaucratic mazes. But, this is the nature of all human endeavor. You could say the same about car repairs, plumbers and every other service provided by human beings. Does this mean we turn it all over to the corrupt morons in Washington DC? What have these creatures ever done that engenders such monumental deference that you would turn the decisions that affect your very life over to them? How have they comported themselves with their own personal lives, their leaking of top secret information, their enacting of laws inimical to our civil liberties, their unending demonstration to all of us that their primary mission in every waking and sleeping moment of their lives is the acquisition of power and wealth, that would make you so fervent to entrust the most critical and private part of your lives to them?
    Greed and corruption is certainly endemic in our corporations. But, is there something in the air in Washington DC that erases these vices inherent in the rest of us? The only thing that you change when transferring industry from the private sector to the federal government is removal of competition and accountability, not greed and corruption.
    Once the government is in charge greed and corruption have no overseer. There are no laws to challenge their abuses. There are no appeals to courts. There is no choice to flee your provider. The entire concept of criminality, malpractice and incompetence goes out the window. Enron was punished. Fannie Mae was not. Is this what you consider the remedy to private sector deficiencies?
    If our present system is so broken, and you and the Democrat media machine are so motivated to fix it, where is the evidence of this crisis. I would think that, if there is some crisis of care in this country, you could provide us with thousands of examples of human beings with diseases untreated and injuries unmended. Where are the pictures of hospital corridors lined with suffering humanity. Where is the poor uninsured victim of the system with a broken ankle unseen by a doctor? Where is the child of the inner city family who is not getting his insulin shots? Can't provide thousands of such cases? How about hundreds? No, I haven't seen that either. How about tens of these pathetic such cases? Nope. How about one, single case? Do you mean that this horrible, broken system can't put one single child on MSNBC or the New York Times, or Newsweek who cannot get his insulin? Nancy Pelosi can't dredge up one single person in this entire country with a broken arm who can't see a doctor? Some “broken” system!”
    And, if you still insist that the poor and the aged and the children are suffering without health care, haven't we already provided for them with Medicaid, Medicare and SCHIP? These are run by the exact same government that you want to entrust with all of our health care. Are you saying that these programs are failures? Yes you are! Why would you mock the concerns of millions of everyday Americans who fear being forced into a similar program?
    You also cite the rising cost of health care on this site. Are you aware that Medicare and Medicaid pay providers under market prices? For you economic illiterates, that means that the providers cannot continue to provide at those rates. This forces them to charge higher rates to the rest of their customers. Since the private sector essentially subsidizes the government programs, where will the government programs make up this shortfall once they run all of it. I will inform you. It will be done through rationing. It will be apparent in filth, shoddiness, waiting times, neglect, death and misery. If, today, the government programs cannot support themselves without leeching off the private sector, what other result can ensue when the private sector has been killed off?
    Oh, then you will have your horror stories by the thousands. But it will be too late. You will look back on this, “broken system” like it was Nirvana.
    Most of us at the rally in Washington DC were older Americans, though there were many magnificent, educated young people with common sense and an awareness of the blessings of liberty passed on to us by the wisdom of our founders and our Constitution. Our concerns are genuine, heartfelt and based on common sense and human history. They spring from experience and the knowledge of human frailty. We, too, were once idealistic youth. But, we have watched the political elite and the functioning of the heartless bureaucracy over many decades and realized why the founders put strict limitations on their powers. They are mostly power hungry idiots utterly lacking in empathy and compassion. They are not wise, caring philosopher kings. They are not pushing this health care from beneficent motives. They see trillions of dollars that they can control along with the lives of the serfs.
    You may not agree with many of the opinions expressed here. But to mock and dismiss us as pawns of greedy insurance companies and billionaire financial interests is absurd and short-sighted on your part.
    We went to Washington DC yesterday for you. Our liberties were passed to us by the vigilant oversight of previous generations who knew the dangers of procuring notions of security to far-distant elites in exchange for some degree of personal liberty. We will soon be gone and the horrific effects of turning over this vital sector of life to politicians will not be realized by us. We went to Washington for our children and our grand children – for you. We went yesterday for the same reason that our founders established this nation – to confer the blessings of liberty to our posterity.
    Your youthful idealism causes you to labor in the camp of your future oppressors.
    We only wish to pass along to our posterity that which was passed along to us.
    Does this merit your ridicule? For this love of our children, to wish to not see them enslaved to a Socialist ant heap of existence by unfeeling bureaucrats and corrupt politicians are we to be mocked?
    I am sure you reviled George Bush, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich and many other politicians in your lifetimes. Is there something in your calculus that deludes you to think that, once nationalized medicine has been passed, that such frail creatures will never again have the reins of power? What I am asking is, will you willingly transfer these most basic elements of you and your family's existence to someone like George Bush?
    That is what you are doing by advocating government takeover of health care.
    And, one last note on the evil insurance companies profiting off the misery of the masses – the profit margin for health insurance companies was 3.3% last year ranking them 86th out of all industries. And, what the Hell is wrong with profits anyway. Their ability to compensate for catastrophic events as well as your 401K and pension are dependent on profits as is the growth of the economy, jobs, taxes and all other good things.
    To you brainwashed drones who pranced around in your tuxes and party dresses yesterday, I have no hope. This is addressed to the other visitors to this site who may have absorbed some of this statist worship, but still have an open mind to the dangers of Socialism.
    With fondest love for future generations,
    Doug Wakeman

  • Nick Blosser


    Thank you for supporting our bank accounts. People like you make our job of “collecting” American dollars so much easier.

  • Randolph Jenkins

    Well said Doug.

  • Randolph Jenkins

    The premise of this group is idiotic.

    You don't have to be a billionaire, or even wealthy at all, to recognize the dangers of a government take-over of health care.

    The notion that only billionaires oppose Obamacare is ludicrous:

    My guess is that this is group is supported by Unions, who have much to gain from a massive increase in the size of the State.

  • Randolph Jenkins

    This is such an absurd argument. Whenever I ask someone to defend Obamacare, their response is that “our current system is too expensive!”, or something along the lines.

    Don't you realize that a government takeover will make health care LESS accessible, not more?

    Consider what effect rent control has on how affordable housing is.

  • Nick Blosser

    Consider that 0% of people in countries like Germany go bankrupt because of health issues.

    The whole point is to make healthcare more accessible. That's the reason they're pushing for reform. Don't you realize that you're just spouting out right-wing conspiracy theory?

  • Nick Blosser

    It's not a take-over. That's conspiracy theory. It's an EXTREMELY conservative (compared to other national healthcare programs) push to keep crooked private insurers accountable.

    Why don't you want insurers to have to compete?

  • Frank

    Randolph, your own example (rent control) points not to the failure of regulation but the need for it. Rent control has largely disappeared in cities like New York and with it so has the middle class. Though Sarah Palin may get a free pass for her nonsensical, circular arguments, you'd be wise not to do the same.

  • biker999

    Unaccountable crooked politicians are going to keep crooked insurers accountable? What are you smoking? Where do you get these idiotic notions?

    There are over 1100 insurance providers. Where is the lack of competition? The main hindrance to competition comes from the government mandate that you cannot obtain insurance outside of your state. If you want competition, how about fighting to have that restriction lifted. But, you never will, will you? Because, despite your disingenuous cry for competition, you hate competition, don't you? You despise the animating contest of free market capitalism don't you? Don't try to shine me on that you champion competition. You worship at one altar – the state.

    Why don't you argue on that basis? Why don't you tell us all why totalitarian, collectivist state control over the people is preferable to individual choice? Nobody is fooled by your advocacy of this monstrosity on the basis of “competition?”

  • Nick Blosser

    Wasn't that the Republican plan that briefly made an appearance, and exited just ask quickly as it entered when it was discovered that it would actually increase the number of uninsured people?

    Great plan, Toolbox. Go watch some more of Glenn Beck's stand-up.

  • http://www.prisonplanet.com LickDaCat

    A criminal doctor will fit right into our government. Congress is full of criminals and the White House even more so. Obama is a criminal's criminal, he has pulled the biggest scam known to man.

  • Kathleen

    Billionaires for WealthCare stick the contradiction in the hypocrites faces. Even though many of the folks wearing those little crosses around their necks just do not get it

  • Shelly

    I'm opposed to the healthcare, but if these young idiots want to support me in my older age, then so be it. Let them pay for this for the next 40 years and when they realize they gave the government just what they wanted…ignorant young adults going along like sheep (thinking they're saving the poor underprivileged children of the world), they'll spend the rest of their years trying to hid their money so they can keep some of it. They can't figure out that with paying a modest tax bracket of 25% plus FICA and Medicare, plus property taxes, plus sales taxes, gasoline taxes, etc. they're paying over 50% of their earnings ALREADY in taxes NOT including the healthcare costs yet. (Go ahead-do the math! I'll wait while you calculate it.) Let them grow up the hard way and I'll be laughing while they're paying for my hip replacement! They are drones…without critical thinking skills or finance/tax skills for that matter.

  • sam

    God, you are a blowhard, bikkker. With all that hot air you can compete with the balloon boy.

  • sam

    God, you are a blowhard, bikkker. With all that hot air you can compete with the balloon boy.

  • Bridget

    I laugh so hard whenever rachel maddow shows your clips my insides start hurting real bad. I'm also severely tempted to email some to my grandmother to return the favor of all the lovely uber-conserative propaganda she always sends me that I end up deleting anyway. Absolutely love spoof on americans for prosperity, keep up the good work!!!!!

  • biker999

    and, that's only on ONE six pack! You should hear me on a twelver!

  • biker999

    So, you are tempted to parade your ignorance in front of your grandmother like a flag of superiority. I'm sure she is already aware. That is probably why she sends you conservative information. She is desperately trying to reach you.

    Are you proud to denigrate the people who passed on the wonderful life that you live, a life that is the envy of all human beings on the planet and that is unimaginable in all of human history in its freedom and prosperity?

    After all that your grandmother has done to contribute to a better life for future generations and all that she continues to do to attempt to reach you with her wisdom and knowledge acquired through many more decades of living than you have attained, are you proud to mock her and brag about deleting her emails on this forum?

    Is this the tolerance and open-mindedness that our liberal universities have imparted to our youth?

    My disgust and disappointment is only mitigated by the certainty of the misery that you will suffer for your arrogant ignorance.

  • http://www.chuckglisson.com/ Chuck Glisson

    Hey “BIKER999″,

    Face it jerk, YOU are NOTHING but a STUPID shill for corporations. I would rather trust THE GOVERNMENT over CORPORATIONS because WE the people ARE The Government, but of course an UNPATRIOTIC LOSER like yourself wouldn't understand the concept of government “by and for the people” would you?

    Furthermore, if Bridget's grandmother is sending unwanted RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA garbage in her EMail, then maybe it's HER GRANDMOTHER that needs “STRAIGHTENING OUT”, just like YOU needs “STRAIGHTENING OUT” you MORON!

    I would WELCOME a healthy debate with you, but experience has taught me that debate with a person as STUPID as YOU ARE is FUTILE, so WHY BOTHER.

    However the offer STILL STANDS!

    So, BRING IT ON!

    People LIKE YOU make me SICK!


    hahahhahaha first of all your name is BIKER999 you sound like such a bad ass
    go ride your fucking bike off a cliff you dumb fuck… oh wait you probably don't have one and youre too busy fighting for LIBERTY AND FREEDOM…on the internet… why don't you get back to what you really should be doing… beating off to glenn beck

  • radical1a

    Yeah Man I'm with You . Why that Canadian Prime Minister was stupid to come to our Country to get his heart valve replaced , he should have stayed home and got it replaced next year if there was enough money to pay for it and the waiting list wasn't too long . Ha just kidding you pack of teabagging Liberal Fuck Wads

  • radical1a

    Yeah Man I'm with You . Why that Canadian Prime Minister was stupid to come to our Country to get his heart valve replaced , he should have stayed home and got it replaced next year if there was enough money to pay for it and the waiting list wasn't too long . Ha just kidding you pack of teabagging Liberal Fuck Wads

  • fp

    B.S. Prove that – oh yeah – you can't/

  • Nick Blosser


    They're called keywords. Try them out sometime.

  • jasimonetti7

    Do you have any background in political science, healthcare or healthcare economics?
    Just wondering, b/c there is a difference b/w providing healthcare for the entire country and having a “totalitarian” state that sacrifices individualism. Many European countries provide universal healthcare, and one would be hard-pressed to argue that citizens of the UK or Switzerland are experiencing loss of personal choice. In fact, the US VA system is comprehensive and government organized. And, I might add, demonstrates better cost-efficiency and healthcare outcomes that any other system in our country.

    Regarding your previous post…
    “Do you think government is immune to the economic reality of “scarcity?” Are you even aware of this concept? Do you think that passing market realities over to corrupt politicians and rigid bureaucracies nullifies this economic reality?”

    1) No government is “immune to the economic reality of scarcity.” However, some governments balance scarcity across an entire population to minimize its overall effect, rather than localizing scarcity by severely limiting care to 1/3 of their population. Every economy and healthcare system has scarcity, and in some way, every economy and healthcare system rations care. Argue against comprehensive health care systems if you prefer. However, time and time again, polls demonstrate more patient satisfaction in the UK/Canadian systems than in the US system (by far). And, equally important, their respective healthcare systems provide better patient outcomes relative to the US system.

    2) Nobody is talking about turning over the healthcare market to corrupt politicians. Though, nobody is arguing that some politicians aren't corrupt either. Creating a comprehensive healthcare infrastructure through the political process has worked, repeatedly, throughout much of the developed world, as it did in our VA system. The end product is a framework that is relatively free of corruption compared to our current system. Finally, I might add, it produces a system regulated by relatively transparent policies…which is far from where we find ourselves in the present.

    For those who still seem to hang on to the idea that this is the “best system in the world,” I'd be happy to see some supportive evidence.

  • vlhamilton

    I am having trouble deciding whether this is a joke or not. The name of this group spells out EXACTLY what iS WRONG with our current health care system. Our health care system went South in the early 90s when it went “public”. The minute profit became the motive for taking care of sick people, the system was bound to fail. When 45,000 people die in this country each year for lack of health care access, something is really, really WRONG. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • vlhamilton

    Well, that explains why you are such a LOUD MOUTH! Just think, you can have your alcoholism treated when there is real health reform in this country!

  • McKavian

    These guys are very much satirical and are mocking them with this.

  • LMG

    by the way i bet the benefits of medicare have kept Bridgets grandmother alive and mentally capable enough to learn how to email that conservative crap, most of which is clearly not based in fact. it's just the pathetic crap that the right sends out to sheltered grandmas and grandpas in the middle of Alabama, etc…..I would love to see the percentage of folks, who are conservative and against healthcare who actually are recipients of medicare benefits…

  • LMG

    if you think its so bad just dont' get a fucking hip replacement, save us morons some of our money…i thinkwhen it comes time for that hip replacement, that's when you should really take your stand against healthcare and don't get it!! Show the “sheeple” how it's done, while your at it, don't fucking drive on the roads, and don't fucking call EMS when your stuck on your ass in your bunker because your hip is broke. Here's what you can do….take your beloved gun and put yourself down…that's the only truley libertarian way to go out. If you want to go it alone and you don't want to help anybody else out along the way, then when you NEED…… FU, not on my dime.

  • LMG

    I invite all those who are against handouts and healthcare from the government to stop fucking taking it themselves.

  • Miqaell

    At first I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a fair chance. It was also interesting to listen to their ideas and arguments. If you havent yet heard about The Venus Project, Zeitgeist – The Movie and Zeitgeist – Addendum, please google it and check it out.

  • paul.w

    what a sick and evil lot of people.death will come to all of u as people unite world wide in mass against obscene wealth of companies and individuals!!!

  • Deborah H.

    People, it's a joke! Stop freaking out…if you take the time to look around you'll realize that the whole point of this group is satire.

  • Kennixcar3

    Wow…………you guys are a class act. Keep it up!

    I'm only 20, but I'm smart and informed enough to know that our current system, even though it's not all bad, needs some serious Canadian-style reform.

  • Kennixcar3

    @LMG: LMAO……….seriously, I, too, am sick and tired of the hypocrites, and I wish the dupes would wake up. So-called 'Obamacare', may in fact, be the one thing that keeps many seniors alive.

  • http://www.politicsforum.com/political-humor/4603-sign-ideas-stewart-colbert-rallyto-restore-sanity-5.html#post110217 Sign Ideas for the Stewart / Colbert RallyTo Restore Sanity

    [...] of signs there like this one I am sure. Billionaires for Wealthcare will be out in force. About : Billionaires for Wealthcare SIGNS : Billionaires for Wealthcare Reply With Quote [...]

  • Scottishbear44

    Ahem! I feel personally that our “teabagger” Brethren do not appreciate our efforts nearly enough. 1.4 million a day tis nothing to “sneeze” at when its not going into my account. I myself have sacrificed one WHOLE cappuccino a day this past week and all that sacrifice merely it keep the filthy, stinking, paws of the impoverished at bay and away from my,, *cough* I mean OUR PROFIT MARGINS!

  • sofia

    so. you claim we’re ignorant. enlighten us. please. change our minds.

  • Brekanarts

    You are shitheads. I hope you al;l get AIDS and die (after we repeal obamacare)!

  • guest

    I dont accept handouts; because I’m an American and NOT a commie like these losers…

  • guest

    You’re head is so far up your liberal ass you’re choking on your own felch.

  • Brekanarts

    your wasting your time talking to these brainwashed pinkos. They’re the reason we need FEMA camps!

  • Outpatient Band




  • Outpatient Band

    SHUT UP Brekanarts, YOU are NOTHING but a COWARD $#iT Talker, I’m sick and tired of hearing the WORTHLESS OPINIONS of IDIOTS such as YOURSELF

  • Rob R. Barron

    Medicare pays 94 cents on the dollar on actual healthcare, the for-profit insurance industry pays only 86 cents on the dollar on actual healthcare. That 8% is our PROFIT!! Yes, repealing “Obamacare” is essential to preserve that profit. Keeping our for-profit medical insurance is essential as it provides “capitalist efficiency”, not efficiency in providing medical care of course, but efficiency to the insurance industry in denying medical care. Thank you Brekanarts for your sacrifice for OUR bottomline; of course, your claim is still denied. Have you picked out a coffin yet? Pay no attention to the rest of the world laughing at you, they just aren’t true Americans like you willing to die for our greed.

  • http://www.nausearemedies.org Nausea Remedies

    I’m not finished read this yet, but it’s so fabulous ‘n I’ll back again when I was finished my job :D

  • BuffyKoch

    God I love satire.

  • http://www.dougwakeman.com Doug Wakeman

    Patriotism isn’t mindless worship of the state.

    I think that all of you spittle-spewing shouting and name calling makes your challenge to a “healthy debate” ludicrous.

  • Jane

    As Canada revises its system. Why, there is even a managed care company here in Western New York that is setting up free standing clinics (doc in a box). And why you might ask? Well, Canada rations care, rations the availability of tests such as MRI’s. We here in Western New York welcome Canadians to come here for testing.
    Our system is flawed but after all, barry sotero has it well in hand. He’s in bed with big pharma and such.

  • Darlene

    I would look more to Germany, especially given our culture, radical change is too hard! They regulate the insurance industry but do not own or run healthcare, and citizens and employers are taxed rather than mandatory purchasing of premiums (there are options)  No one goes without healthcare in their country, and they have access times that rival ours.

  • Darlene

    You left out how much you and employers are paying for private health insurance premiums, copays and deductibles in an unregulated and for-profit healthcare system.  The idea is to reform monopolistic healthcare insurance and delivery, reform the pharmaceutical industry and patents, reform healthcare liability/tort laws, lower administrative processing, etc,  all to lower healthcare costs so that we too can cover 50% more people for 50% less money than we currently pay in our country, just like the rest of the world can manage.  Then, with more people covered in the insurance pool, more costs reductions are realized through less ER “free care”, healthier bodies lowering premium costs, AND more profits are being realized by more bodies now being able to afford to get screenings and buy meds, get procedures done, etc.  Germany is a similar model, they do not own or run healthcare, they do regulate the insurance industry, etc to prevent monopolies, ensure fair premium pricing, etc.; they tax citizens and employers at rates that are less than we currently pay, and access times for healthcare rival ours.

  • Mr.411@www.DirtyPolitricks.com

    Billionaires in BIG PHARMA and BIG GREEN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Socialized Medicine …Why not the AARP and Pfiser making so much more dough when they collectivize all our money 

  • Prncmk

    These buffoonish actors were at the rally in DC this weekend, obviously amateurs but just the same entertaining, I only ran them off when they became more disruptive which, was most unbecoming a group that supports the Tea Party.

  • Outpatient Band

    Hey Doug Wakeman, the OFFER STILL STANDS, if YOU want a DEBATE, then BRING IT ON, otherwise SHUT UP MORON! 


    I feel so lucky to have been born in Canada. The US is a great place to live if you are rich and have a growing number of poor every year to take advantage of.