We have always preferred to wield our influence from back rooms at the Capitol or the back nine at the club. Nonetheless, Billionaires for Wealthcare must make public appearances — as Billionaires — if we want to maintain the right to profit from illness.

To become a Billionaire, we ask only that you follow the simple instructions below on how to choose a name, dress the part, and adopt a Billionaire persona. Once you have completed these preliminaries, you and other like-minded Billionaires are ready to stage events and, if you like, form your own chapter of Billionaires for Wealthcare.


Billionaires can be useful at both pro- and anti-health reform events.  By “counterprotesting” reformers, we help get their message out. And at Teabagger’s own events, we show up and thank them for fighting so hard to protect OUR right to deny THEIR claims.

See our “Tips for a Successful Action” for more tips and tactics

With Who?

Connect with other Billionaires in your area using our Chapters page.  Don’t see a yacht club in your neck of the gated community? Use our comment section at to announce yourself.

You can also visit our Facebook page to find actions, events and other billionaires near you.

Image is everything. Wearing suitable attire is a fundamental element of how we communicate. Billionaires should dress to oppress; those who want to participate but are not appropriately dressed can act as foils from the opposing side. For tips on what to wear, please review the section on Billionaire attire (below).

Remember, we make a bigger and more powerful impression when we appear unified and dignified.

Stay together as a group, remaining distinct and separate from non-Billionaires. Our impact is lessened when ordinary protesters, all ratty in blue jeans and backpacks, try to mingle with us.

The medium Is the message, and we own the medium.  We get our message across most effectively with clean, professional-looking signage, but expensive-looking doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve included several reproducible placards on this website; have your staff print them out for you.  Remember: while it is perfectly appropriate to have illuminated manuscripts of our stock portfolios painstakingly painted by children in sweatshops, hand-lettered signs have no place at our events. Of course, a little gold embossment around the edges provides a tasteful je ne sais quoi.

Whose Media? Our Media!

Be prepared to give a brief, witty, complete statement to the media.

Make use of our chants, songs, one-liners and talking points, and make sure you can be heard.

For more tools and tips on a successful event, check out our Media Tips page.

As a billionaire, you must make a good name for yourself (or at least borrow one from your parents). Here are some famous Billionaire names from around the country:

  • Bill M. Moore
  • Billie O’Nair
  • Frida Market
  • Lou Pole
  • Phil T. Rich
  • Z. Roe Compassion
  • Dee Regulation


Appearances are everything. Formal dress is required.

We know that there is a great wealth of diversity among the extremely rich — and therefore among our fashion choices as well. Billionaires come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We have old money and oil money and dot-com money and money at work and money on vacation and daytime money and evening money.

But as important as it is to honor the diversity of our ranks, it is even more important to preserve the traditional image of the Billionaire in America.

It has occasionally come to our attention that some Billionaires have tried to gather in casual garb, and to those deviant individualists, we have only this to say: Formal is Normal.  Is is not only crucial to sport the right attitude, but to sport the right suit and shoes as well.

So dress to oppress and hit the streets!

For men, suit-able attire includes:
• black tux or suit, white shirt and dress shoes.  Optional accessories: money tie, bowtie, bowler hat, cigar, monocle, white gloves, cummerbund, suspenders, cane. Also acceptable: crisp white pants, polo shirt, blazer, ascot and yachtsman’s cap.

For women:
• floor or knee-length gown, pearls, fancy scarf and heels. Optional Accessories: furs, diamonds, opera gloves, cigarette holder, tiara. Also acceptable: insurance exec business suit and heels or yachting attire.

Absolutely no jeans, tshirts, sneakers or workboots, fun as it might be to imagine what it’s like to actually work for a living.

Below are some chants, talking points and other useful stuff . For best results, when drafting talking points for an action, strive for brevity, humor and specific content which shows why only wealthy people should be supporting America’s for-profit healthcare system.


(Click here for PDF version)


Bring Back Bush!
Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Keep the Profits with the CEOs
You say health gap, I say wealth gap.
Stock options, yes! Public Option, no!
Your pain, our gain.
Walk. It. Off.
Wealthcare, Not Healthcare!
Fear, Lies, Sedition! Pre-Existing-Condition!

Making fun of Tea-Partiers:

Ang-ry Yell! Ang-ry Yell!
We are louder! We are louder!
What are we saying? Rrrrrrr!
How do we say it? LOUD!
Do we know what we’re saying, Noooooo!
What are we mad about? Stuff!”
If the facts do not equate, just lie and obfuscate!


  • What health care problem? I feel just fine.
  • Let them eat Advil.
  • Whatever happened to an apple a day?
  • Band-Aids are affordable.
  • Nothing Says “Freedom” Like Denying Claims
  • Don’t Tread My Freedom to Deny Your Claim
  • Don’t Blame Me for Your Pre-Existing Condition
  • Skyrocketing Premiums: What’s Not to Like?
  • Your fight is not with us, it’s for us. (to the teabaggers)
  • Ask not what your healthcare corporation can do for you…but what you can do for your healthcare corporation
  • For the past 8 years, health care costs have been moving in the right direction…Up!
  • Nobody’s forcing you to get sick, you know.
  • Support Our Troops: Stop Giving Them Socialized Medicine! (thru the VA)
  • Fight Socialism! Take Away VA Benefits from our Troops Now!
  • Fight Socialism! End Medicare Now!
  • Who needs infrastructure?
  • Your premiums may have doubled, but our salaries have tripled!
  • The system works great — for the insurance industry!
  • Keeping our profits healthy will require some sacrifice. Not on our part, of course.
  • You deserve the healthcare you can afford
  • Private Insurance works just fine
  • Walk it off.
  • Wealth before health. (used a la “age before beauty”)
  • We’re just like you — minus a few billion dollars and a butler or two. (to teabaggers)


(Click here for PDF version)


People keep saying that insurance companies don’t like sick people, which is totally false.  Sick people are fine, they don’t cost us anything – it’s being forced to CARE for sick people that the problem

Don’t give the government your money! We are happy to keep gouging you instead.

We like the current system: we get to insure the healthy and offload the sick to taxpayers.

How so? When any one of the 47 million uninsured Americans need care they go to the emergency room – at 5 times the cost of a doctor’s visit! – Taxpayers are already footing that bill nice and quietly everyday.  And hospitals get to charge full market rates while we only insure wealthy, healthy customers.  It’s a win-win! Well, maybe not for taxpayers…

Some people say the healthcare system is broken. But it works for us. Just like Congress.

Healthcare is a commodity, not a right.

You want insurance AND a house?!  And you call ME greedy?

You think you pay a lot for healthcare? For every congressman, I’ve got six lobbyists on my payroll. And they don’t come cheap! Especially when all SEVEN of them have their hands out!.

Public Option

Medicare is 10 times more efficient than private insurance. They don’t have to do any marketing, only 3% of their costs are paperwork, and they don’t pay out huge CEO salaries. The public option will just be more of the same. Where is the profit in that?”

We don’t mind competing with the government — on the golf course. Matter of fact, I just took Max Baucus out for a game just last week.

Pre-existing Conditions

We’re happy to accept people with pre-existing conditions: health, wealth, and youth.

Denying Claims

We deny more claims before 8am than Medicare does all day.

Because nothing says “freedom” like denying claims.

We believe in a free market.  We should be free to deny coverage at will.


Our death panels turn a profit. We dump customers from our rolls when they become too sick to cover.  In fact our quota system makes sure of it.  Just last year three of our health care insurance companies made $300 million just by kicking out 20K customers!


Click here to see the songs page

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  • Jerry

    Hi, I just wanted you to know how PROUD i am of you all for doing this. Watching you on youtube videos literally has had me in tears and has moved me. Its REALLY GREAT STUFF please keep up the good work. If you need a hand in connecticut i would love to help. Thanks, Jerry Boldrini

  • Jacopo Panichi

    Does anybody know about Billionaires in Winston-Salem or the Piedmont area, North Carolina?

  • Ruth Liss

    If anyone in the Chicago area is interested in joining the Chi-town Billionaires, we are reviving the chapter!

  • Heather Dopp

    You are doing an amazing job, countering ignorance with humor. Please let me know what I can do in Florida.


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  • Ty McIntosh-Campbell

    Is there anyone in Denver? If so, let me know and I’ll join

  • Sandy

    This is absoulutely brilliant. I LOVE IT!
    I’d love to be a part of one of the chapters in Phoenix.

    Sandy Hill

  • Steve Andreason

    I wanna be a billionaire for the rich. Any group of like minded here in Eugene, Oregon

  • Dian Bigler

    Great job! Wish we had a chapter in Boise Id.

  • Valerie A. Metzler

    We need more Billionaires in Altoona. This is the best idea since the last time I got turned down for health insurance!

  • Victoria Nelson

    I’d love to join a Chicago/North Shore group!
    and I have really nice clothes and fake jewelry!

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    [...] profit from their most manipulated fears. As they passed we waved them on and serenaded them with our songs. From our perch, your trusty billionaires we thanked our hardworking teabaggers, rallying the crowd [...]

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  • dominique

    wow. when you get enough people from salt lake city, i’ll join in the fun. i’m a rich bitch!

  • Ray Doumbe

    This is kinda good. How can i join this group in Oakland CA?

    Any one interested in part time job offer. u can hit me up on raysecretshopper at gmail com.


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  • Heather

    Who would think that honesty could be so hilarious!! Anyone ready to be a “billioniare” in the St. Louis Metro area…”I’ll have my people call you”.

  • Maddy Frey

    I love it! Thanks for the creativity.

  • Jesse Cahse

    I’d laugh more if it were not so close to reality….

    Thanks for turning up the volume though – much appreciated!

  • Cynthia

    We NEED Billionaires for Wealthcare in SWFLA, stat!

  • http://none jake

    to those on the front lines,

    thank you for your service. gotta run – the lark’s tongue pate is calling my name. never say die!

    best luck

  • Dina Hall

    I want to join!!!! Any contacts in New York City-Long Island Area?

  • Jeff Morris-Saugerties, N.Y.

    This is fantastic! Our media seems more interested in “sensationalism” (e.g.)town hall screamers, pistol packers, Obama is Hitler signs…. than any coverage of an actual, sensible, debate about Real Health Care Reform.

    The media has been very irresponsible in their over saturation of broadcasting to millions of Americans, the lunacy of an ill informed, yet vocal minority. They’ve helped in spreading the illusion that this is how the majority of Americans feel about the Obama plan. The majority of Americans spoke out clearly in the Nov. 2008 elections on their desire for change.

    If a little satire and humor is what it takes for the MSM to broadcast it to millions, so be it. This is so clever, and reveals the sad, sad truth, about the Corporate Greed involved in the REAL Health Care crisis that affects so many Americans today.

  • Elaine Zachary

    Need a chapter in Asheville, NC

  • Eva

    Thank you so much Billionaires! Honestly, I wish I could have been there to see the teabaggers in real life…

    Sandy, I’m with you in Phoenix.

  • Denya Claime

    Thanks Billionaires!! You ROCK. I’m just glad I found other like-minded people like me. We need to milk these tea baggers for what they’re worth. Fox News broadcasted coverage ALL day. While most of them are actually being affected by the greedy insurance companies, they sit there and gobble up non-sense. I see now the CORRECT way to combat ignorance!! I’m happy to be a Chi-Town Billionare!!

  • DeeCapp

    I had no idea all that’s needed to be a wealth care billionaire was formal attire, a willingness to ruthlessly steal everyone else’s hard earned premiums and to submit a sign up form. Sign me up!

  • Linda K.

    Caught the video on Rachel’s show tonight and was stunned. Somebody finally came up with real ammo against the right-wing loonies! From what I’ve read, they don’t even know it. How delicious!
    WHO ARE YOU GUYS?! This is clever and classy and so humorous — somebody deserves credit for this idea — and don’t tell me it’s Rahm Emmanuel!

  • Lisa Giovannelli

    Thank you Billionaires! Need a Chapter in Phoenix.

  • Peggy Mitchell

    PLEASE PLEASE CAN I JOIN??????? This is the best, most original…genius!!!!

  • tom

    Maybe we can join forces. I am leader of Save Health Insurance Tycoon’s Ostentatious Nihilistic Yearly Opulent Upkeep.

  • Mireille

    You guys are brilliant! You made my day. I saw you on the Rachael Maddow Show. Your performance was absolutely amazing. That song is stuck in my head now and it will be for days I am sure. Whenever I see one of these protesters on tv, I will start singing instead of flipping channels. Cheers!

  • Zoey

    I posted your You Tube performance on my FB page. BRAVO!! On Friday we are protesting in Philadelphia about the lack of a budget and I wish you were here.

  • http://none Joseph Ellis

    Any opportunities in the bay area? I’d love to participate. Saw photos of you on flickr. Excellent job. Please feel free to email me.

  • Rachel

    Absolutely brilliant! Sign me up in Miami, Fl.!

  • Daniel Cho

    Please, please let me know if anything is going on in Baltimore/DC area. I’m only 17 but I really want to help out as much as I can.

  • Dicksie

    Yes! Saw you on Rachel and was blown away by your approach. Sign me up in Tucson, AZ!!!! Posted you on Facebook! Let’s get this grassroots movement growing!

  • Maritza

    Is anything going on in Whittier, CA?

  • Sharon Orrange

    You guys rock

  • Mark Manausa

    I’m in DC and I got some very nice clothes. I’m ready to roll.

  • Luke Burton

    love your group would like to be a part of it here localy in Salt Lake City Utah. Have several formal suits and many crystal champagne flutes:)

  • Lorraine

    This was so innovative…If we could get a hundred or so to be at every tea party it would be the best way to fight all the ignorance. I got the feeling they really didn’t get it, but if it happens more they will. Hopefully.

  • Kerri Forster

    this is hilarious….DINA HALL im from LI NY, lets get some ppl together

  • Willie Bennett

    Excellent work!!

  • Tyler

    In Chicago, think you guys are awesome! Please let me know about any events here!

  • Marcus Raimous Johsnon III

    I was born into great wealth, and have been unable to fit in with anyone. Now I have found Billionaires for Wealthcare and have finally found a home. I am so happy.

  • Dale Richardson

    You guys are brilliant! What joy!!
    If you’re ever approached with hush money from Big Phrma or AHIP, do what every good billionaire does… take the money and run!

  • EC

    Please, Billionaires, keep doing what you are doing. I just can’t wait to have my policy dropped by your insurance industry billionaire friends when they learn about my pre-existing condition, ignorance, which, really, was the cause of this contagious illness I have right now called Teabagging Fever.

  • M. A. Greedyone

    Pre-Existing Condition

    Another Socialist Plot

  • Derek

    We need a Billionaire Group to start up in Maryland immediately. Absolutely brilliant group.

  • Nancy

    Fresno, CA really needs you. This is a hotbed of conservatism educated by Faux News.

  • M. A. Greedyone

    Billionares Unite !!

  • Karen Ritchey

    Fraternizing with the plebs could be an amusing diversion. A tea party a day manages to keep healthcare reform at bay…any billionaire action in Tampa any time soon??…sign me up. Karen

  • Kiz

    Oh, I wish I’d known about you guys before the Sept. 12th protests. I would have tried to join in, but my chauffeur insists on having every other Saturday off.

  • KC

    Jerry in CT I also want to start a chapter here.

  • Jen

    Awesome!!! Is there plans to create a chapter in NE Ohio?

  • Mary

    You rule!!

  • Aaron Kirk Douglas

    Yay! Finally someone who feels the same way I do. I’m hoping we can have a tweet up in Portland and all arrive in our limos at Pioneer Square for purposes of celebrating the fact that the public option is dead!

    How about:
    Ding Dong the Leech is Dead!
    Which old leech?
    The Leechy Leech!
    Ding Dong the Leeches will be dead!

    Well, it’s a start. I’m getting my groove on already!

  • Valorie

    Love to join the Billionaire Club in St Louis area. Let me know how to get involved!

  • Nancy Jones


    My Dears, we simply must start chapters everywhere. What a totally smashing idea and how fashion forward!! Yes, don the pearls,the minks, the little black dress with Prada pumps!! I’m in!! Please post instructions on how to start a chapter! My rich friends are oh, so bored and need SOMETHING to do!!! Nancy Jones

  • Nathan

    Thank you so much for doing this! This is brilliant–you’re an inspiration….

  • Kelly

    If the Chicago chapter is being revived, I’d love to be in on this. Brilliant.

  • Ian

    You guys are awesome!!!

  • Jo

    I LOVE you guys! Any chance there’s a group in the Monroe/Newburgh NY area? Can we form our own or will you sue us for poaching your idea??? I know you guys – anything for $$$$!

  • Sarah Ray

    I love this idea! I have to wonder though, are they even smart enough to realize it’s satire? Remember, they fell for “Joe the Plumber” making more than $250,000 a year and worrying about his taxes going up! They still believe that someday they will be rich like the Top Hat clubbers who are standing at the top of the ladder throwing rocks down at them while they hold it for them, saying, “These rocks are really diamonds…” over and over again until they think it has to be true because they heard it before. (Known social psychology manipulation…)

  • Count De’ Money

    My people!
    One suggestion, how about a rundown list of rallies or events to attend?

    Does or Fox News have an RSS feed to plug in to?

    I love my people…PULL!

  • Mary O’Hare

    You guys are the best. I first saw your group at the anti-war protest in Washington DC in September 2005 and you were then Billionaires for Bush, but this time you were even better. I have no doubt some the “baggers” at the Tea Party on Saturday/Sunday in DC thought you were legit, but I know exactly where your group is coming from. Keep up your great work and if your Chicago chapter gets revived I would love to hear about it.

  • Rich

    You guys are awesome! We seriously needed an attention grabbing counter-protest from the beginning of this silly season.

  • Tan Phan

    Yes, I wondered about that too. I don’t know if they are able to think; therefore, to understand the satire

  • M. A. Greedyone

    Good going, Mockery at it’s best.

  • Tan Phan

    Thank you so much for doing this! This is brilliant–you’re an inspiration….
    Love to join the Billionaire Club . Let me know how to get involved!
    I am in san diego. I have champaign glasses, black dress, Prada Pumps

  • Little nell

    Great stuff…loved it when you were for Bush, and love it now.

  • Jane Chambers

    Just now I had finished writing 50 senators (I have 50 to go); I took a break and watched Rachael Maddow–and you inspired me! Let me know what I can do to help you in Jacksonville, Fl. I would love to join! Jane

  • andrea

    awesome. I saw this on Rachel Maddow’s (love her) show last night and I had to look you up.
    This by far the best thing that has come out of our national “debate”. But as Sarah Ray stated, will they get it? I mean they believe in death panels for god’s sake!
    Keep it up and keep us posted.

  • Anne Argula

    Champagne! Nature’s cure all. The wine country of Sonoma salutes you. Let’s form a chapter here.

  • Nick O’Reilly

    Simply outstanding! Will look for any billionaire rallies in the Orlando, Fl area.

  • Ron Willaims

    We at Aetna would like to thank your group for bravely standing up for american ideals of capitalism.

  • ZyeZxe

    Just think what would have happened if you guys and had to shown up at a townhall meeting. I’m passing your url around to everyone. About damn timesomeone hit the rabble-rousers with a pound of their own medicine.

  • Lydia Zilka

    Would simply ADORE the chance to wear that perfect black dress again! Philly, Pa or NJ area sounds DEVINE! And I just LOVE to SING! Keep me in mind, Darlings! Ta TA !!!

  • Jamie

    You guys are Brilliant! When I saw this on tv last night I had to find out more. This is perfect way to counter the “deathers” without being to Adversarial. If you guys do anything in Las Vegas, I’m in!

  • Carly

    Any Billionaires I can join with in Philadelphia?

  • Char-MI

    I’d love to join your cause. I’ll have to see if I can still fit into my formal… lol

  • April K. Neal

    I’m in Macon,GA. Is there a group here?

  • Aram Schefrin

    I love what you’re doing – it brings back such fond Yippie memories … but it can go a lot further than this.

    On Maddow, Bernie Sanders pointed out that the teabaggers have a right to be angry, but that their anger is entirely misdirected by the people pushing them to the right. The best way to neutralize them, and maybe to win them over, is to demonstrate alongside them, showing your anger but directing it where it belongs.

    Satire is great, but it goes over most people’s heads. What’s also needed is progressives joining with the teabaggers, as angrily and as seriously, mingling with and sympathizing with them but pushing them to the left.

    I don’t know why no one thought of this before.

  • Dan D

    This is great!!!
    Any Billionaires for Wealthcare we can join in Dallas??

  • scooby do

    You people are doing a great job, loved seeing you on Rachel, and YouTube, too bad that is about the only place. Guess Fox News passed you by in DC, very hard to believe, but they are fair and balanced, and it was their party to poop on.
    Keep up the good fight.

  • Sharron Powell

    I saw you last night on Rachel Maddow’s show. You helped to lower my blood pressure immensely and to change my frustration level. What a great response to these sad, misinformed teabaggers. I would love to join a group in San Diego area. What fun!!!!

  • Gayle Crawford

    This is absolutely fantastic! It’s the best thing that’s happened since Ladies Against Women!

  • Allen

    WOW! What a creative way to counter-protest! I love it! How do I get involved?

  • Deb Miller

    Love your message. I have been wondering how to counteract all the craziness out there. I am in Fort Wayne, IN. Let me know if there is any interest here.

  • tmccarthy0

    So I own a sweet black dress, great pumps and am quite sure that qualifies me to be a billionaire for Wealthcare, plus I will bring the Jamieson with me, does anything say billionaire like Jamieson? I thought not.
    :) I love this you guys are great.

  • Allen

    I’ve got another idea that I wanna do: I’ll dress up in hillbilly/teabagger clothes with a dog collar and a leash, one of the billionaires can hold my leash. Whenever one of the teabaggers or billionaires says anything I’ll just repeat it in a redneck accent (I’m good at that, I’m a Texan) like a zombie or like Forrest Gump. That’ll be hilarious!

  • Left Coast

    I would love to be a Billionaire. How do you get enough of the money? I want some of your money. Please email me enough money so that I don’t have to care about where I get healthcare either. Thank you.

  • Terry

    Any interest in Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska?

  • Don

    Finally, amidst all the rancor and nonsense, a group that’s willing to sanely and sensibly speak the truth.

  • Colin

    Genius, guys! Keep it up! I’ll volunteer anytime!

  • JC Williams

    Don’t forget…We’re closed on Sunday to worship our MONEY!
    Love you guys. Air kisses to everyone (I can’t really kiss anyone right now, because I’m not insured).

  • Simon

    Love it!

  • NS


    I’d be marching with you if i could “walk off” my injury that took me forever to get addressed through the status quo system.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Kelly

    BRILLIANT! Abbie Hoffman would be proud!

  • T. Bagher


    Anyone in the High Desert/Palm Springs area want to organize?

  • buchanan mader

    Nashville billionaires are ready to join the party.Help us to help you.

  • buchanan mader

    Nashville billionaires are ready to join the party.Help us help you.Time for action is now!!

  • Roxanne Pauline

    Great Job! Your the best! Keep up the good work. We will be putting together a group in our area soon. See you at the next event!

  • Thurston Howell IV

    I would very much be interested in any Atlanta events so I can show my appreciation for the hoi-polloi keeping my money safe!

    Personally, I like keeping with Daddy’s look…captain’s hat, blue blazer, ascot, top-siders.

    There’ll be a party on my 250 foot yacht I’ll have anchored in Hilton Head Island. Then lovey and I will take the stretch Hummer over to Atlanta. She can’t wait to have tea service with all the Tea-Baggers.

    Ta, ta…..hope to see all of you very soon at a Tea Bag rally here in the Southern USA.

  • pete

    wow, someone said they were from macon ga. im in savannah ga and it’s loaded with knuckle dragging tea baggers!!! i can’t imagine macon!!!! hope to see you at the next tea party. i’ll be in the tux with the cigar and the gomez mustash.

  • William

    Profits yes,
    People No!
    Don’t change the status quo.

  • Joe Dollar

    This was the best thing I have seen in weeks.

  • Michael Anthony

    I’d never join a club that would have me as a member. Leave me alone.

  • Michael Gooch

    It would be my pleasure to festively commiserate with like minded Aristocrats, like yourselves. As a former, rehabilitated Dixiecrat/Obamacan, it would simply warm the cockles of my wallet.

  • Holden D. Benjamins

    My wife, Splenda, and I would like to start a Kansas City metro chapter of Billionaires. How do we get started? Or did we just do it?


  • Ima Hogg

    Anyone interested in organizing in the Houston area?

  • Sharon

    Now how can there not be one in DC? Would love to know if that changes.

    Really wish I could have thought of you guys before the protest on Saturday.

  • Kate


  • ashley

    Atlanta, GA needs a chapter! We have too many teabaggers and Representatives to thank for making our lives easier than everyone else! Don’t let Obama’s death panels pull the plug on my profits!

  • Monique

    I want to participate but im not sure if there are any other billionaire in San Diego. Keep me updated :D

  • Rollin N. Doe

    What happened to my call to arms for S. ORegon yesterday. I’m here in Medford, and ready to march. This is a great idea, and a most needed one.
    Let’s Roll!

  • Rollin N. Doe

    My brother Holden D. Doe will be right there with me, along with our two sons, and they’re each named after us. They are Jr.s, but we call them Holden D. Doe too, and Rollin N. Doe too. They like to call themselves “The 2s” in honor of the madman “The Tooze” of Raider fame. We let them have their fun. We luv ‘em. So from the 4 Does, let’s git ‘er done.

  • loan

    i like your blog, i’ll try to follow you more often.

  • Ivan Titallubitch

    Geeze, there’s a lot of newly minted billionaires here. How we gonna split the pie when Ivan Titallubitch?

  • Alana Muller

    Thanks for your website. Are there Billionaire chapters around the country? If so, how do you join one. Also for those unable to march or travel, is there anywhere to make donations to the cause?

  • Ivan Titallubitch

    I just tried to contact the Portland, OR chapter, and was kicked back by Daemon. What’s the problem up there? Try checking me out at the Southern OR link. I don’t know if it will direct correspondence to me. Any ORegonians out there?
    Rollin N. Doe
    and Count Ivan Titallubitch of Ruskie nobleititty

  • Bunty Von Lotsadough

    Are there any billionaires in Santa Fe NM. I am so tired of the riff raff in this dusty mountain town?

  • laesa

    Fellow Billionaires, has suggested delivering lemons to our Senators, implying that the Baucus bill is a lemon. I say we make lemonade outside senate offices and serve them whiskey sours! Any takers?

  • Allen Lomax

    Good idea! While we’re at it we can serve’m up to as well for their refusal to support the most efficient most economical health care payer reform – Single Payer. Medicare for all!

  • Ivan Titallubitch

    Rollin N. Doe and I can’t be the only Billionaires for wealthcare in the Ashland/Medford area. And we certainly don’t want to have all the fun and profit to be reaped in S. OR. And we don’t want to eat all the pate and foie gras and drink all the Dom Perignon ourselves. If I get much heavier, I’ll have to replace the barca loungers in the Gulfstream with love seats.

  • ines

    I’m from philly – anyone going to dilworth plaza on the 22nd?

  • ines

    To Lydia Zilka or Carlery: are you in philly- if so lets talk

  • Ginger

    Hey, any billionaires in the Tacoma, WA area? I’d like to connect with like-minded people!

  • ines

    question: I have a real mink stole – i don’t want to offend anyone (peta, etc.) – personally i hate fur – got it when my mom passed and i can’t seem to get rid of it – do you think it will piss people off? thanks for any advice

  • buy cytoxan online


  • Brian

    You guys rock! Are there any Billionaires in Chicago? If so, I’d like to get involved. Thanks!

  • Jae

    We’ve made a facebook group to help gather the DFW Billionaires.

  • Patricia

    pardon my ignorance, but Jae, what does the DFW mean in your post re new fb group?
    (not sure i want to know!)

  • Patricia

    ooops… thought I posted my thanks and admiration here…must have been another site where the video was posted.

    Whoever started this…YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mid Age Man

    My wife and I are surgical technician and scrub nurse…

    …you make fun of what we know everyday is right.

    Have your jolly good time now, because if this bill passes many of the surgeons we are hearing during cases are quietly planning to take early retirement.

    Remember that in 10 years when you can’t find someone to do your heart surgery or take out your gall bladder. Your efforts are making a difference. I hope for America that the right decision gets made.

    Good luck to you…

  • Alpha Proffat

    I got a good name, I got a mink stole… Too bad I mislaid my calfskin elbow-length gloves and the dress I wore to my niece’s debutante ball 20-or-so years ago won’t fit any more. And that the nearest chapter (Norfolk, VA) is 4 hours away (and I had to sack the chauffeur, ’cause he demanded — wouldn’t you know it — health insurance)

  • Brian

    BFWC is the most brilliant thing since the 2008 elections.

  • barracuda78

    must be the surgeons won’t be as rich, at least that’s what they think…is that why they became a surgeon…because they might have alot of money…

    I had a surgeon try to talk me into surgery when it wasn’t needed

    I work in the medical field too, and know that when someone has good health insurance you will try everything to get them in on a regular basis…

  • Count Ivan Titallubitch

    I vant to inwite all of my fellow billionairesforweathcare to a very exclusive Wodka tasting in S. Oregon, to coincyde with my good friend Rollin N. Doe and his brother Holden D. and their two sons Rollin 2 and Holden 2′s very very exclusive cognac tasting. Only the snootiest need R. S. V. P., the rest may watch from a satisfactory distance.

  • April

    I am in Costa Mesa, CA, and am starting a chapter for cronies in Orange county- so darlings please contact me at


  • sasha

    Are there any Billionaires in Knoxville TN?

  • http://signs More Moolah

    I love the signs, especially “Billionaires for Wealthcare.” T-shirts and bumperstickers would be great, too. I could put a bumpersticker on my Rolls and wear the t-shirt whilst “roughing it” on the yacht

  • Ella

    So merely dressing like a celebrity with an “Hermes” “Birkin” not enough?

    (With perhaps a nice knee-length skirt, sunglasses, etc.)

    I do not believe floor-length looks good on my short yet widish body and have no money to buy a new skirt.

  • Ella

    Ironically I can look like I’m wearing something actually way more expensive than a ballroom costume, like above. :-(

    I mean I AM in debt due to my love of bags, but it led me to my dream/building career.

    I’m silly, but why so ballroomy and not including stuff that resembles designer? (Or actual designer for those silly shopaholics who’ve punished/rewarded themselves to be even poorer.)

  • Screw U Peasant

    I love the billionaires.. we rock!


    Dear B4W,

    When will you have a press conference to announce achievement awards for the loyal advertisers who support the good works of FOX.

    The nominees should include all the AHIP members, all car makers, P&G, Kraft, etc.
    Pointing out the contribution made by these public spirited firm to the welfare of this fine news organization the public should be urged to support them with the purchase of their advertised products.

    You are clearly in tune with the needs of the oft maligned companies that add so much to the gross national product by their redistribution of wealth to the deserving top 1% of the economy.

    Brattleboro, VT

  • Bill D Poore

    I’m in New Orleans, home of the offices of Mary Landrieu (on the fence but could go for reform) and David Vitter (Teabagger, prostitution connoisseur, professional bigot). I have a Billionaire costume ready, and I just need compatriots with ideas. Drop me a line some time if you’re in town and feel like having some fun.

  • Bill D Poore

    I’m in New Orleans, home of the offices of Mary Landrieu (on the fence but could go for reform) and David Vitter (Teabagger, prostitution connoisseur, professional bigot). I have a Billionaire costume ready, and I just need compatriots with ideas. Drop me a line some time if you’re in town and feel like having some fun.

  • Beverly Hillz

    I’m in Houston and would be up for organizing.

  • Kelsy

    I am in Omaha, NE, and would love to be a billionaire. My husband and I would be down for it. He even has the Monopoly-man mustache going on. AND he’s southern, so I mean that’d be a great act.

  • Lydia Zilka

    Would simply ADORE the chance to wear that perfect black dress again! Philly, Pa or NJ area sounds DEVINE! And I just LOVE to SING! Keep me in mind, Darlings! Ta TA !!!

  • Imawell_T_Chick

    I'm near Bloomington, Indiana. Would like to connect with other present and potential billionaires.

  • Imawell_T_Chick

    Sorry to post twice–but anyone in the central or southern Indiana: I will travel if needed. Maybe we can go to a senator's or congressman's office?

  • Jeff

    Use It You don't have to tell anyone it's real; but it will add an air of authenticity to your act. Since being an act you aren't actually for any thing you're saying or wearing! Just like anouther great satirist Steven Colbert once said, “It adds to the confusion and makes for a better act.” Also the heirloom that you own is an artifact that an animal gave its life for by wearing it in SATIRE you honor its' beauty without sullying its memory.Ironicly by wearing the fur as farce you are actully protesting anyone who might do the same. Just don't wear it anywhere else and when your done donate it to a museum or antique clothier remember an animals life and beauty are remembered are historic to that garment. enjoy bouth your mothers memory and the creatures magnificence you'll do it no shame so long as you donate it when your done!

    If no museum or clothier is avalable may be a theatre or reinactment group could benefit from your thoughtful donation.

  • JC Williams

    Billionaires ROCK and they do Broadway too! Thank you, and you sing most excellently so you don't need to keep your day jobs. Oh sorry, billionaires don't have jobs, do they.

  • Russell S.Wyllie

    Make me a billionaire. Only my position of wisdom can identify the wretched, suck-up off the rich and give to the poor. I'm a modern day Robin Hood, without the 'hood' part.
    With the billlion I'll get, I propose amazing changes that will inspire so many to join me on a crusade against corruption, and will work toward getting good hard working people back on their feet, give back to the needy and invest in a growing energy industry that will compete with the oil corporations…

  • glennznyc

    Calling ALL BILLIONAIRES and wanna be Billionaires… Moveon dot Org is having a “DIE IN” in front of the NY Times building on Monday, Nov. 2nd at Noon. We need people to represent “the Dead” and we want to bring a bit of levity to the message and at the same time respect those who are have died or will die b/c they don't have insurance and we lack a Public Option… I am including the link for the event in NYC – note, MoveOn is doing events nationwide, plug in your zip code and if one is happening in your area, sign up! Thank you! Glenn (let them eat Advil…)

  • glennznyc

    here's the link to sign up http semi colon //pol dot moveon dot org/event/events/event.html?event_id=99241

  • mztcfgut

    osCdxq dxwrjdwtlept, [url=]zzuglzftrvog[/url], [link=]khopsliykboe[/link],

  • troylynn

    We love you Billionaires! This is getting better and better with you on our side.


  • bobbiereinecker

    I would love to be in this group! I live in Katy, west of Houston. MUCH more fun than Red Hats.

  • RichRDaily

    “What I know is right”? What do you know is right? I worked for WellPoint, Blue Cross and Kaiser. I sent out letters of denial for services every day, to customers who never missed a payment. When they became too expensive to make a profit from, my company dropped them. I filed the letters of appeal from cancer patients, patients with detached retinas who had to pay out of their own pocked to save what vision was left to them with cold fusion therapy. The worst was when I overheard two medical reviewers deny an applicant for insurance… because she was pregnant.
    Please tell me how the present system is better than what we have now. Try working for an insurance company for a month and see if you can keep the same attitude, when you hear the sales reps gloat about their bonuses, have screaming fights with other reps for not charging enough to make them their bonus, then spend the rest of the day
    listening to the managers find excuses to drop inconvenient patients….

  • darleneA

    My children are stolen from me, by their Arab father and his girlfriends here in the States. They not only stole my children, but they stole my lucretive business deal. I had gone to then, Sen. Biden, seeking $1,000,000 seed funding, and he was going to help me. However, Fares Almalik and his girlfriends stole my project from me, and stole subsequent projects from me. The FBI is helping them, to steal my children nad my projects, as are members of Interpol. Det. John Buchard found my children, but they got rid of him, closed my case, and hid my children.
    I need help in getting justice, as Fares Almalik, and some from his family, as well as some from our government are shutting me down. My life and the lives of my children have been put in jeopardy. They are blocking my son, and destroying his marriage and his life, to destroy me. I was the Arab's friend, but they betrayed me, and are stealing my life from me. I want my story told. Please contact me.
    I have several children with Fares Almalik of which all have been stolen from me. Please contact me so that I can get my story told, and get my children back.
    They have been plotting and scheming against my life, with the help of some of the FBI, and other agencies. My life is not safe. They have falisified my background, and put backgrounds of those who had been in jail, on my background to make people not want to help me. The FBI is trying to smear my reputation to get away with what they are doing. They not only stole my children, but they stole my lucretive billion dollar project, which was a teak project of ten miles, along with land that contained gold and needed to be mined.
    They wanted the money, and they stole my projects from me for either a portion of it, or huge payoffs. They stole my children for the hush money, and to be paid off all during my children's lives, to keep their whereabouts a secret, and to keep the fact that I have children a secret. They do not believe that there is a God, who is going to punish them for all they have done to me and to my children. The FBI and others from the various agencies, got dirty money to steal my children and to keep them hidden. So, they destroyed the lives of my children, so that they can go home to their children with a fistfull of dollars at the expense of the lives of my children. Please help me to save my children from the whores Fares has them with. His women burglarized my home, ran on their husbands, some left their husbands to be paid by Fares for my children. He and his women have been burglarizng my home and stealing everything from me, with the help of the FBI.
    Please help me.

  • jobseekers555

    Nice Blog.
    For more jobs visit

  • Greg

    Get off your fat, lazy, american asses and get some EXCERSIZE!! Stop being a nation of spectators who support the multi-million dollar salaries of sports superstars who allow you to live your lives by proxy and GET IN THE GAME!! Let's BE a naton of 'WE', not 'ME'!!! How much health care could be paid for with the combined salaries of our sports 'heroes', and how much do THEY pay for their health care??

  • Greg

    I was recently laid off by Verizon in an act of pure corporate greed. Just take a look at what their profits were this year. Yet, they laid off 8000 in 2008, another 8000 in 2009, and will continue laying off in 2010. Not because in they are in the most remote danger of going under, but because they are not making as much profit as they would like in order to afford themselves the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. However, they don't give a moment's notice to the lives being destroyed under their corporate wheels in order to allow them their luxuries. What can one individual do to combat the huge, rich, corporate entities which control the economic status of this country? How are we EVER going to dig our way out of this gigantic economic cluster***k????

  • Jerome K

    Does anybody know whats happening with the Vancouver Olympics?

  • monetoliverdeplace

    Downhill skiing and the bobsled, for sure.

  • Chris Crew

    I am hosting a “Tea Party” event in Lacey, WA on Tax Day (April 15th, 2010). Any Billionaires around that are interested in coming to my event? If so, please contact me at I need a few good speakers and am currently looking for one to talk about the economic “problems” with health care reform. I think this event will draw a lot of people as it is now listed on the events section of a number of “Tea Party” websites including:

    Please come cheer on the craziness or take part by emailing me!

  • freedom

    wat will health insurance do if “” WE THE PEOPLE”" take control over?!?!

  • cdtien

    I wrote some chants. tell me what you think.

    We buy poitician for you so you sleep better! ( to tea baggers)
    Golden years are ONLY for Billionaires!
    Tax payer shall alway paying for us!( to tea baggers)
    No Bill! Joe average is bankrupting America, No Bill! ( to tea baggers)
    The constitution is for the healthy and the wealthy! ( to tea baggers)
    Oxford incorporated for president.
    Getting sick and die is the American way! Unless you have a trust fund ( to tea baggers)
    Real Americans get rich they don’t get sick.

  • David

    Well, all I can say is that it warms my heart to finally see someone stepping forward to express their sympathy, pity, and understanding of the most down-trodden people in the world: billionaires who desperately long to be trillionaires. For too long, oh Lord, have we billionaires been the subject of the scorn and derision of the poor, who loll about and starve to death while they give vent to their cruel dislike for us as we drive by in our limos. For too long, oh Lord, have we suffered the slings and arrows of their outrageous attitudes as we have our drivers stop our limos so our bodyguards can steal the poor people's shoes and last few grains of rice! For too long, oh Lord, have we, the pitiable hyper-wealthy, struggled to darken the skies with pollution from our factories, only to have those ingrates try to clean up the air that we have so laboriously dirtied! For too long, oh dear Lord, have we, the cancerous corporate overlords, caused deformity, sickness, and death among the general populace with our drugs (both illegal and pharmaceutical), and our junk food, only to have a significant portion of the beneficiaries of our heart-felt largesse refuse our offerings and resort to the irrational, totally unfair (and dare I say it?) illegal tactic of growing their own food and herbs! When oh when, oh Lord, will my people- the hyper-wealthy corporate robber barons- be once again free to roam this land free of all legal constraints upon our rapacity? I have BEEN to the mountain, and from that great vantage point I have closed my eyes, grunted, and CRAPPED upon the little people, and how do they show their gratitude for my generous expression of trickle-down Reagonomics? I just can't go on, the pain is too great. James, start the limo, I want to go run over some poor people.

  • David

    Well, all I can say is that it warms my heart to finally see someone stepping forward to express their sympathy, pity, and understanding of the most down-trodden people in the world: billionaires who desperately long to be trillionaires. For too long, oh Lord, have we billionaires been the subject of the scorn and derision of the poor, who loll about and starve to death while they give vent to their cruel dislike for us as we drive by in our limos. For too long, oh Lord, have we suffered the slings and arrows of their outrageous attitudes as we have our drivers stop our limos so our bodyguards can steal the poor people's shoes and last few grains of rice! For too long, oh Lord, have we, the pitiable hyper-wealthy, struggled to darken the skies with pollution from our factories, only to have those ingrates try to clean up the air that we have so laboriously dirtied! For too long, oh dear Lord, have we, the cancerous corporate overlords, caused deformity, sickness, and death among the general populace with our drugs (both illegal and pharmaceutical), and our junk food, only to have a significant portion of the beneficiaries of our heart-felt largesse refuse our offerings and resort to the irrational, totally unfair (and dare I say it?) illegal tactic of growing their own food and herbs! When oh when, oh Lord, will my people- the hyper-wealthy corporate robber barons- be once again free to roam this land free of all legal constraints upon our rapacity? I have BEEN to the mountain, and from that great vantage point I have closed my eyes, grunted, and CRAPPED upon the little people, and how do they show their gratitude for my generous expression of trickle-down Reagonomics? I just can't go on, the pain is too great. James, start the limo, I want to go run over some poor people.

  • mhairi

    So funny! Brilliant way to tackle a serious issue. If I was American, I'd join you!

  • bobby10


  • bobby10

    if you are helping the poor people than help me and my family .i've been out of work for ten months and need a little help just a little. i don't want a mill. just enough to help with bills,car the things that you really need.times are bad and our president isn't doing nothing about it. it from your heart not because your to the right person is hard i know.

  • bobby10

    thats whats wrong with this country people like you true american

  • Concerned Citizen

    This is amazing. We need not bring others down to get a point across, but maybe it is time to think about the decisions our country has made. It does not seem right to take out a mortgage for a home that looks incredible. Love for one another is more important than anything money can buy.

    -1L at Law School.

    Do I want to quit law school? Yes. But we must try to put our ideas out there even if they are hated by all. It is the ideas that make us all uncomfortable that are the best ones to reflect upon. Respect ideas, respect opinions. Know change isn't necessarily a bad thing. God is who is number one and we cannot forget that. Ever.

  • david Egilman

    i am writing a grant proposal designed to educate the public about pharamceutical practices that have caused them to suffer form felony ocnvictions for not telling the truth. I would like to put you folks in.

  • Sarama

    Michael Moore has some competition here! Ya-hoo!! I don't know who you are, but you are my friend.

  • Xgengun78

    I completely agree with you. Worst part is that I am profound deaf myself. Aftger working for Target for 3 years they still treat me like trash. I decided to quit on spot and am doing something about it.

  • SUCK

    you aLL SUCK COCK…..

  • carol

    you say it like it's a bad thing….

  • 22

    hey bubba, im sorry for the unfortune. then though, youre a man, head of the family, you should know better than a hand out. hand out dont solve anything for your unfortune. if you get one dollar, then youll dance for two, and for three youll even go to work :) dont ask for money, ask for work.. and i see you put out your resume here under. if you hurt yourself at work, make it noticable it happen at work, dont just walk outta there without anybody higherup knowing, usually ask for an ambulance, then ask the ambulance to check you vitals because riding ambulance isnt free (its starts at 500 something) day after go see a good lawyer who isnt asking anything up front.. then youll not needy to post your unfortune here and if you were lucky getting together with bills you should be lucky getting together with more bills.. thats how it is, more money more problems.

  • 22

    “I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” – then though the rich dont want anything else than more of what they have.

  • 22

    we give the people a check for 500 and take back 499 in healthcare fees.

  • 22

    first thing, dont borrow money! second thing, dont try to live with the rich! if you master the first thing and the second, then you could make a living selling lemon juice by a road somewhere :) if you wanna upgrade, then you need other peoples money to do that, and theyll usually ask you why, and you say to them “what i did for verizon i can do for you” if youre gettin money youre good if not you need to go back to school :)

  • 22

    I could have been a banker, and by now I could have been a new face on the hundred dollar bill. But since I did not want to make bank out of other peoples money I turned into film making to get my dime a dozen. Why do I film the rich getting richer? Then after the nine eleven one of my films made me a billionaire and Im not the one sharing my money with the poor.. no, I keep talking about them other rich people and making movies about them :)


    Limo Divers Protest Medicare Mediciad Reform Cuts, It's rumored this issue could become part of the Tea Party movement. AmeriChoice Health also rumored to take a position on this issue. Recirculate those tax dollars? Help keep limo drivers working, benefits flowing and overpaid tax dollars remain in abuse. as well as other Federal agency's encourage you to report any fraudulent activities, yet, the same government agency's were notified the way this company does business yet did nothing. Three years ago they were reported to these Federal agency's and as of todays date not only were they allowed to continue doing business but were never charged once. Protected vendor status sure, politics sure, limited government budgets sure, Federal and State officals looking the other way sure, and rather then stop these activities a strong desire not to rock the boat previals. Even with the vast changes in the laws, budgets,a hands off policy remains, you tell me what's wrong with this picture?

    The Government created this monster and now they don't know what to do about it, like shooting yourself in your own foot etc. Tons of money to advance their national growth, it's market positions, tons of money for political donations, tons of money to send 75 millIon back to its home office from New York state alone, tons of money to suppot National TV shows, tons of money to pay hugh State fines, tons of money to hire the very best law firms, tons of money to pay for bribes and kickbacks, tons of money for hugh salary's and bonuses, all done on the back of the American tax payor, you see this company receives all it's money from the Federal government. Should your tax dollars be held to a higher standard? Should our government agency's responsible for there review and be held to that same standard? Should the IRS audit their corruption? Why has this company not been charged? How long can the buck be passed here in more ways then one?

    Hey, it's your tax dollars don't complain now.. then don't complain later on…

    ps… I know times are tough for a lot us, but it would be great to have a free limo to go to the Doctors, Pharmacy, Movies, Grocery shopping, and given free tickets for the movies. Offered soda, pop corn and hotdogs, as well as have them receive free coupons for Grocery items…Kind of makes you wish qualified for Medicare and Mediciad right?

  • Thomas Kerry

    It truly baffles me how demonic so many people have become. So deep into being demons who love evil that they cannot seem to see all of the waste and pain they are the cause of. So deep in evil that they no longer even look up from the pit to see that there would be and is another whole world to create, if only they would trust each other and dream.

    What have I encountered? Because I am alone, people play games with my life. The power that seems to control these people has nothing to do with God or anything good. Like Christ said, if there were two or more, then people start to fear and become afraid to do the things (the treatment)they regularly have done to me. When there are two or more supporting each other, they would often fail at making a person feel like they are crazy, or that they can’t do anything about their situation.

    Why should it take twenty years before people would start to treat someone like a human being? Like they have something worthy of their attention? I have read about how many of these songwriters have become successful and often they did not do it all by themselves. In fact, no one does it all by themselves. Usually a neighbor, an acquaintance, a person that has half a brain realizes that someone has created something that is worth something, so they will put out effort to help just to be part of it.

    To do things all by myself, I would have had to find a tree and carve it into a guitar, take courses in electronics to build my amplifier, but because of all of the wealthy people in the world who are cheap bastards, I would have to build a printing press to make the money to buy the supplies. Wait, I’d have to first have money to make the printing press? So you see, it is a “catch 22″ and the A-holes who already have a lot seem to get all the attention and make more.

    It makes me throw up that there are so many A-holes who will get laid today by beautiful women and have been for the past twenty-one years, while a whole town of moron’s decided to pull a conspiracy on me and they decided to make a poor songwriter’s life that was already vacant of love, 21 years more vacant. No matter how I look at this it really stinks! That so many women would follow the rules of some corrupt and evil A-hole that has created some kind of “sentence” or “price” for something they want to give to me?

    I have always seen it as that I have something to give to them, only they are too stupid to see that it is worth something. In fact, they would rather play stupid immature games, trying to make me feel like I am not worth anything, and sadly for a while being alone, that people carry this bullsh**t on playing some kind of demonic game, getting their jollies on deceiving people and sending them on a wild goose chase in circles, or to the funny farm, poor and homeless, sick and dying, they stopped caring too! Yet, they would still have much more compassion for someone that is suffering like they are or were, even though it was a very short time in comparison to themselves.If all they had was a two dollars, many would give another person one of them if it meant that they would get a hungry person a meal. That is half of all they had, yet they would give it up if it meant to them that someone else would be able to carry-on with their lives!
    How is it that there are so many very wealthy people do not feel any guilt whatsoever that a man’s youth got wasted away, because they wanted to charge a price? I already paid a huge price by the time I got here in 1986!

    And so many women as if conspiring to be like prostitutes, in which they make a person pay such a price for their attention? Does it matter whether they charge with pieces of paper with Zeros on them determining their value, or through pain, suffering, tears and shear agony and humiliation? It makes me wonder.

    It also makes me wonder how there could be so many churches here that believe in Christ, yet after screaming songs that people should be fair and love each other and trying to straighten out Christianity and help Christ with HIS dream, I spent twenty Christmas’ in virtual poverty, with next to no friends and no matter what people say about “the true meaning of Christmas” that is yet ANOTHER EXCUSE for wealthy people to be cheap ignorant bastards, every time a poor person would like to join in on the Christmas games like Rudolph! The GALL of telling a poor person at Christmas time that because he is unhappy in poverty, he does not know the meaning of Christ and Christmas. If they have that kind of gall, it is they that do not know the true meaning, an according to Christ, they will not have a very pleasant after-life!

    I never in my life met so many moron’s in wealth that are just plain evil! Then it becomes worse, because a person starts to think that “this is the way people are” and “the world we live in?” I have met the poor people that had gone through the same thing and I nearly joined them and stayed in the mentality that “I do not want to be anything like those people, I do not want to bother with them, I would rather stay on the streets and collect aluminum cans to get by then become another demon like “they” are!

    Then there is this thing people started. That we really do not have the freedom of speech. People, killing the very dream that our country stands for; That people should be able to say what they want without being ridiculed, condemned or black-listed.

    A person came to America expecting it to be what it stood for; A country where people can speak their minds and be free. His name was John Lennon. John Lennon actually came here to America and SHOWED everyone what this country stood for, or is supposed to stand for, having more courage then the many chickens that LIVED ( and still live) here!
    What do we have today? A bunch of cowards that are scared sh*tless because the movie corporation heads will condemn them for one wrong word! We have people in politics who have to speak a certain way, creating their own language that “sounds smart” but says they will be doing nothing to make things better but blowing out hot air!

    We have evil moron’s that are no better then a bunch or Mark David Chapman’s! What do they do when someone comes to town singing about love and brotherhood and dreams? They put him through tests and bullsh*t that wastes time? Love? Let’s see how much you want to sing about love when you get treated like crap for twenty-one years! Life then becomes a test like people are keeping score or something; How much can you keep being nice while people treat you like crap?
    I have been saying for years, If California had showed “the game,” some kind of “list” of hellish things that must be done, the “program” people have been following that says; “these are the rules”; you have to go through being poor and not getting an action from women (even the mere action of holding hands and walking along a beach!) for twenty-one years, then things will get better, do this, this and that and this and be a slave for people, etc., (and still end up being homeless) I would have said; “screw this!” and went somewhere else and if it was like that everywhere else I would have jumped off a bridge!

    But you’d think that after John Lennon got shot, that celebrities would be doing and saying a “Heaven” of a lot more then just always saying; “I am grateful for this experience and everyone is perfect, etc.” That is where we seem to be at. People in fear of being fired, people in fear of speaking out, people in chain reactions of greed as well. aside from that, they do things like wast money on smashing up a Ferrari, or parading in a dress that costs ten thousand dollars!
    All that the power of fame could be used for to help to change things and people have resorted to; “I am so grateful for this Salvation Army sandwich.” And that is where we will soon all be; on line for Salvation Army sandwiches , if people do not stop being Moron’s.

    John Lennon said; yeah we got our meal, but what is better is that we have the means to do something with what we got that is important. What message would have ever gotten out if every time a creative genius would ask to use some professional equipment he would get; “You should be grateful you have a meal, their staving in other countries!” Not much different then the wealthy people telling the poor that they should be content in poverty all the time and if they are not, then they do not understand Him!

    If we keep focusing on the countries that are worse-off, we will soon become a country just like the countries that we feel sorry for. I feel more sorry for the poor people in America, who were born here and are living in sh*t while the people around them are younger and foreign and have been living the American dream while the only people he can call out to are the wealthy American’s who do not seem to care much for their own races!

    There is one thing looking around you and everyone is poor like you and in the same boat and working together to survive. It is another horror when everyone around you has it great, but no one seems to want to include you and you are poor with nothing to do except watch them having it great! Which is MORE of a hell? Tell me, please!

    If people would have the same attitude that the poor have in trying to keep each other in meals, only that they want to keep each other and all people wealthy and happy and having kids and houses and the American dream, everything would change for the better. Then maybe in ten to twenty years we would be wealthy and powerful enough to actually solve all of the world-wide problems.

    At least when a person goes to jail, there is a certain contentment in looking at the person next to you and they have the same clothes and food and at least there is SOME balance. It is not like you have to see people in Heaven while you are in Hell. But I have news for you, in jail, people seem to follow their jail laws that they made up better then people in the free world follow laws in the Bible that say we are supposed to be human being that love each other!

    What did I go to jail for? Screaming at the wealthy people in Beverly Hills on a telephone who kept ignoring me for ten years, while they worked for a company that is supposed to help people like me out of poverty and boasts about it! I did five and a half months for getting mad on a telephone. For that, they took about five years more of my life away from me, of which it was really people like them that kept giving a person no other choice but to yell on a telephone in the first place! And what does it take to communicate directly with Michael Moore? –Thomas Kerry

  • Kjbrhn

    This is one of the stupidist things I have ever read.

  • Clovend

    You are an ass. Dont help him if you dont want to, but dont blame a man for being brave enough to ask for help. I think it takes more of a man to ask for help then to kick a man when he is down! jerk..

  • Sbrjpeace

    I feel sorry for those who have unlimited wealth and resources. They have forgotten that, “with great power, comes great responsibility!” I don’t deny that when it’s YOUR money you should be able to do what you want with it. However I constantly ask the question, How much is enough? Money is simply a tool! If you sit great sums of money, and you don’t spend it, that makes you an idiot! Wealth doesn’t give character, it only makes you rich (financially). I’ve met wealthy people personnally that I wouldn’t invite in my house. We were placed here to care for one another! If you hold a position whereby you can make a sustantial contribution to society, and you don’t, in my opinion, you have all the wealth and character of an amoeba! Soon the world is going to change, and money will not be the standard by which power is defined. Keep up the fight Mr. Moore there is one person who supports you totally!

  • dazzlingdebra

    I love it! I am a Billionaire! Count me in and I will be there!

  • dazzlingdebra
  • Used Transmission

    I’m not finished read this yet, but it’s so fabulous ‘n I’ll back again when I was finished my job :D

  • mike

    wake up its not about what you think. its about what america has become. face the facts

  • mike

    you need jesus.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be the next billionaire protesting against Insurance profits……Insurance companies are pushing Americans under the bus so the few can get wealthy. Its very similar to what the founders of the illegal pyramid scam FHTM are doings to hundreds of thousands that thought they were pursuing their dreams.

  • Gisela

    What a clever way to get the point across – however I think most will not get it. But I will join and leave my 5cents. What about ‘When you are rich you have the power and when you have the power you can do anything you want to the ones that are weak’ Money is power. What a world we have become – we should take a lesson from the countries that are protesting. We also need a lot of change in this country. The people have deep grievances (Hilary Clinton ) – you think? Americans sure have them too. But they parade as ‘Billionaires’ and act mostly like sheep.That is the difference of people who think they have a democracy and the people that create a democracy.

  • Mason Powell

    Thank you. I agree.


    Unfortunately, I qualify for Medicaid–I used to make 6 figures in the 90′s, got sick & had to pay for my own healthcare, which got me sicker! Turns out I have been mis-diagnosed my entire life, and it destroyed parts of my small intestine so that I cannot absorb certain vitamins, fats/oils and nutrients, which has now destroyed my bones and thyroid. Medicaid doctors have told me they do not get paid enough to figure out what is wrong with me! After working and putting into the system, I am on SSI-DI and Medicaid and declining in health every year!

    NO decent doctor in this area will accept Medicaid! So what is the point? I get $150 to eat on/month via food stamps–YOU try it when you can’t eat any of the free food in food banks and community tables!

    I have never been offered a free limo ride, and the gov’t has NEVER given me free tickets to movies, etc! Medicaid recipients do NOT get offered free hot dogs, soda, etc, nor could I eat them if they were!

    Where in the hell do you get your incorrect information? NO ONE I know on Medicaid/SSI-DI is having a great time! MOST are homeless or living in less-than-desirable conditions due to their whopping $674/mo we get…and have not had a raise in 3 years! Rent in my area is $795/mo + util.



  • Amanda Foster

    ive lived in poverty my whole life in the city of flint. i was denied medicaid according to fia/dhs when i was 19. before i turned 19 i went to the hospital for pain. the dr’s
    told me it was muscle spasms the whole time, however the whole time i had kidney stones. after i earned a degree and got a good job i received blue cross blue sheild. when i received bcbs i received treatment like i was queen elizabeth. due to my kidney problems and of course having good insurance i received a stint in my kidney and was told that i would get surgery in 3 months due to a narrow uretur. i lost my good job, lost my bcbs and the stent was taken out and nobody contacted me at all what so ever concerning the surgery.

  • cheap lacoste polos

    Try working for an insurance company for a month and see if you can keep the same attitude, when you hear the sales reps gloat about their bonuses, have screaming fights with other reps for not charging enough to make them their bonus

  • Parrishjoh

    All I can say is we are the blood line to rich! cut the blood and they will die!
    I am at the point were I’m about to stop paying bills and let the greedy have everthing back and stop feeding them! I think this would easer then the struggle to keep.

  • Robert Hickey

    Michael we need your help with our so-called non-profit human organ transplant system. Can you join us?

  • fred perry polo shirts

    Then there is this thing people started. That we really do not have the freedom of speech. People, killing the very dream that our country stands for; That people should be able to say what they want without being ridiculed, condemned or black-listed.

  • ohnomo

    here, here!

  • Scott Johnson

    The Bush’s and Republicans in this nation are even GUILTER then OSAMA BIN LADEN himself for the crimes committed against this nation!!!!! It was all for CAPITALISM!!!!!$$$$$ Lies from G.W. Bush and the Republicans to STEAL Irag’s OIL!!!!! The government and corporations, such as, HALLIBURTON and many others are very dishonest and corrupted!!!!! The REPUBLICANS in this country worked secretly along with OSAMA to make 9/11 events occur!!!!! The BUSH’S and the REPUBLICANS are a DISGRACE to this nation!!!!!

  • Scott Johnson

    I also want to not only be the next billionaire but, at least be the next multi-billionaire! I’m sorry, but your wrong. Fortune High-Tech Marketing is very legal big corporated business! It’s actually back by the federal government, it rates 3a1 in DUNN & BRADSTREET which is higher then the better business bureau. That’s as good as it gets! It’s NOT a pyramid but, instead NETWORKING BUSINESS with people. A cell phone business and MUCH MORE etc. I agree with you on most things maybe on everthing, except your thoughts on FHTM. I respectfully disgree! FHTM is a VERY LEGAL, VERY PHENOMENAL business! FYI EVERYTHING is a PYRAMID! The federal government, state government, the local county goverment, the local city governmet, all religions, all  corporations, all businesses, your job, all jobs, all careers, all families, your family!!!!! There is always going to be someone above you and someone beneath you! ALWAYS, no matter what, regardless!!!!! Sorry but your, DEAD WRONG! It is what is…..

  • big pony polo shirts

    i just learn that how to choose a name, dress the part, and adopt a Billionaire persona.thanks so much.maybe ,my dreams will come true someday.

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    … share price) COPENHAGEN, June 16 (Reuters) – Struggling Danish
    airline Cimber Sterling is seeking a 165 million Danish crowns ($31.28 million)
    lifeline from a Ukrainian billionaire, which could be a step to creating
    a regional Nordic airline

  • cheap lacoste polo shirts

     He was efficient in his work

  • Genuine

    I was just thinking how amaizing it will be when all of the billionares bring organic seeds to the gatherings, handing them out with little notes describing community gardens in abandoned lots and saving seeds for next years community food crops, now wouldnt that be amaizing to truly contribute to the health care problem in amarica and the world to lend a hand in helping end malnutrition and hunger, with Grace I challenge you to GIFT seeds at your gatherings, give hope to the disinfranchised, the hopeless,
    All my Love, Grace and Sincerity,

  • Genuine

    Hello, Billionares are not sheep, just need projects, give them projects, plant seeds, join in proactive ways to give the power to the PEOPLE, in kindness

  • Jessica Hines

    this is the funniest page i have EVER seen!

  • Jessica Hines

    this is the funniest page i have EVER seen!

  • abused Senior

    Id like to see expose  of bias and corrupt government in small areas and where  grant monies REALLY GO

  • Occupying the Board Room: the latest trends and fashions / Waging Nonviolence – People-Powered News and Analysis

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  • Occupy the Board Room: The Latest Trends and Fashions | Fashion

    [...] For those of you anticipating attending future corporate meetings, let me suggest perusing the fashion section of Billionaires for Wealthcare, or you might want to read this excellent posting on “How to Dress [...]

  • Tina Harris

    You always hit the nail on the head! Every since Fah911, I was wondering where you disapeared to. I would like for you to come to this town I live in and expose a monopolizing electric company called Ga Power and do a story on myself and my daughter. I am sick of people blaming me for the situation we are in.

  • Rob

    I wish I had enough money to start a company that would stay true to values other than profit. Someday the realization will be made that you do not need to sacrifice human decency in order to be a successful company in any industry. I hope that I live to see this day, so that my faith in humanity will be restored.

  • July

    Hi Michael! You have a fan here!!! And I enjoy your thought provoking, entertaining ways of educating people. However, there is so much to learn and so much going on that the “average” American is not aware of…’s really scary how people bury their heads in the sand because they don’t feel they can make a difference. I wish I knew how to change this as this is really the problem.

  • Guest Not Returning

    People are free to pursue profits in any part of the private industry that they feel like; these same people owe you all nothing. Wealth is not something that you can legislate, contrary to the left’s popular belief. I find it funny that the people who argue and protest capitalism and economics the most are the ones who know the least about these ideas. Private insurance companies are not obligated to insure someone with a pre-existing condition who comes to them seeking insurance, no matter how much you want them to. That would be stupid on their part from a business standpoint, which is what they are: a business. By your logic, because someone decided to start their business, they are obligated to pay for everyone now that they are making money. This site even satirically says ”
    Don’t Blame Me for Your Pre-Existing Condition”. Well…it isn’t the insurance companies fault, and it is foolish to that you all think that they should pay for that person anyways. Does that mean I think that the person seeking insurance is not entitled to care? Absolutely not. They completely deserve to be cared for (see the International Declaration of Human Rights), and I would expect to be cared for should I be in that same position. But I am saying that it is not up to someone who started a private business to pay for their care. If they became a billionaire because of their business venture, you should congratulate them. Not criminalize them.

  • Rich R. Daily

     Welcome back, Guest Not Returning.   Well, there is a problem with your logic concerning insurance companies not required to cover pre-existing conditions.  You see, the government tried to create an alternative to the insurance companies, that would relieve them of the onerous burden of covering people with “pre-existing” conditions – a term, by the way, that insurance companies created, as an excuse to kick expensive customers off their policies.  The government tried to create Single Payer, so that people could purchase plans from them… and the insurance companies, including the one I work for, screamed bloody murder.  They said it would be unfair competition, even tho the premiums would have been similar.  They actually had the nerve to claim that the government covering preexisting conditions would be unfair competition to them, because they would be forced to as well to compete. 

    Joe Lieberman, who once favored Single Payer when he was running for Vice President, did a complete reversal after he received millions of dollars from insurance companies, and threatened to filibuster “even the mention” of a public option.  Its one of the reasons the public option, the only real reform in the bill, was taken out.  Lieberman sold his soul, and sold out the American people, for insurance money.

    I worked in the Medical Review department.  It’s a department you won’t believe exists, and I did thing you won’t believe I did.  Our job was to pull original insurance applications when a customer got sick with an expensive illness, go through it line by line, and see if there was any reason/excuse that we could use to kick them off their insurance, just when they needed it most.  I was not proud of this.  In fact, I wish I had had a recording machine to record some of the disgusting conversations I heard concerning sick paying customers they were about to ax. 
    So before you talk about insurance companies not being required to cover preexisting conditions, it would be nice if YOU would write to them, and ask them why they spent millions donating to Ben Nelson, Landrieu, Joe Lieberman and others, making sure they would extract the public option that would have given us a real alternative to them? 

    I was the guy that sent out Letters of Denial to paying customers, guy.  and because of that, several people are now dead.  You’re writing to the wrong crowd when you defend insurance cos, that I worked for, not having to cover for preexisting conditions, when they spend millions (made off the very customers they refuse coverage to), making sure we – and you – can never escape from them.

  • Georgia Berry

    Lets pray then that you NEVER get sick.

  • Linda

    Anna Heimree-Pression would love to join your exclusive swarays. E-mail Linda Bassist:, or phone (626) 825-3146.

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     venture… Thank you.
    Roxann Role

  • Muffy

    I, Mufaletta “Muffy” Worthington-Warbucks (Mrs. Chadwick “Binky” Worthington-Warbucks, III), retired Richly Upholstered Chair of a posh New England seaside chapter of Billionaires for Bush, announce my readiness to transform into a Billionaire for Romney/Ryan.  It must be time, must it not?

  • Bernardo

    I will be dressing like Michael Francis Moore, a real billionaire that walks around with a team of bodyguards.

  • Cj

    cj was here

  • Sibylle

    No-one ever got to be a billionaire by their own work, not even by underpaying others to work for them; there is only one way to reach that level of wealth: speculate/ play the markets! And eventually that means creating money for which there is no countervalue in terms of backed by tangible assets/ productivity.

    As for private health insurers: if they cannot be expected to insure people with a health risk, then there MUST be a public healthcare system in place that takes care of the millions who cannot afford private insurance or have a pre-existing condition. There are all sorts of viable healthcare concepts around the world – and that is why I don’t understand at all the ages of fruitless debate in the US which in the present household crisis even provides an instrument for political blackmail.

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