Billionaires nationwide are experimenting with the rabble-rousing typically reserved for America’s lower castes, and rising to the defense of our health care profits.

Check the map below for Billionaires getting organized in your area. If you don’t see a chapter in your area, consult with your local golf group – or wherever your fellow Billionaires meet – to get organized, and send us an email to get listed here.

Also sign up in the sidebar of this page with your email address and zip code to receive alerts on actions near you. In addition, if you’d like to expand your social network with other Billionaires, you can now become a fan or follow us on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter!

If you do decide to don a top hat or tiara on behalf of Insurance CEOs everywhere, don’t forget to inspire other billionaires with your fabulousness by posting your pics to Flickr ( using the “billionairesforwealthcare” tag. Also, write us copy and send us media links from your events we can post up on the site.

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  • joe splinter

    we’re looking to start one here in Billings, MT. Do you have any contacts here?

  • Laura in Phoenix

    MY NEW HEROES!!!! Tell me where to sign up in Phoenix!

  • Rusty Cates

    How do I get in touch with the Houston Chapter. We could use them to thank Pete Olson at his Town Hall Saturday Sept 20.

    Thank You for all you do to us.

    Rusty Cates

  • barracuda78

    I’d like to start a group in rochester or buffalo ny any takers, any ideas thank you this is the best approach

  • Jae

    Dallas Tx needs one BADLY!!!!!

  • Muffy

    Looking for fellow Hyannisport billionaires. Or Boston billionaires?

  • Jim Schulz

    How do I get hold of a Tulsa, OK chapter?

  • Barb Burgos

    So great to see intelligent satire, instead of their screaming matches and nasty rhethoric…you guys are soooo cooool. God Bless you for what you are doing to promote the real truth behind our broken healthcare system….I am so proud of all of you.
    Hopefully your entertaining message will educate some “ill-informed” folks on what real Health Care should be about.

    Insurance adds no value to the system but takes so, so much $$$ out of the system….and we all pay the price.

  • Principessa


    It’s time for our winter homes in Florida for the Season!

  • Hatchetjob

    Truly a privilege it would be to attend one your gatherings that I might spread rose petals before your exquisite footwear as you glide amidst the bourgeoisie.

  • Denya Claime

    Can I walk with anyone down Magnificent Mile in Chicago? I’ll wear my Jimmy Choo’s!!

  • Kathy

    Hi-I want to form the Northern AZ Chapter of Billionaires – I just saw the segment on Racheal Maddow and I’m psyched! Now a group to defend the rights of rich white Christian folks-those poor oppressed one percent who pay 50% of the nation’s income taxes even after Bush’s massive taxs cuts were pushed through.

  • Hatchetjob

    Oh, Kathy… you poor deluded child. An admirable effort though in your role as “agent provocateur” by trying to slip through the “50% income tax” myth.

    As everyone of our standing knows, the federal income tax was never authorized, is not legal and therefore only applies to those of… shall we say – modest means?

  • Holly in Silver Spring, Md

    Ahhh…the irony and the nuance! Thank you for teabagging the teabaggers Colbert style!

  • Maritza

    I LOVE it!
    I was so tired of the shouting matches with no substance….

  • Rosemary

    Bravo…bravo bravo… my heroes..

    Do you know of a chapter in LA?

  • liberallibby

    You guys ROCK! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I’m ready to start the SC chapter … we’ve got a lot of thanking to do in this red state!

  • Clint L.

    Love the concept! You guys are great! Once I can afford it, I will be sending contributions!

  • MWilliams

    How do I get a hold of the Houston chapter????

  • EC

    The Billionaires might as well be the saviors to the teabaggers. That is, if they will ever realize.

    Keep it up, Billionaires.

  • Lily H.

    Missed the event in San Diego on Aug. 29th. Where is your San Diego chapter?

  • Bill E. O’nare


    I’m in Charleston, SC. lfhdez at gmail dot com

    We should start something here in SC.

    All you other South Carolinian Billionaires, We need to hear from you!

  • laesa

    hey barracuda 78, I’m in! call a meeting of the board! fyi there was a billionaire at the Labor Day parade in Buffalo

  • Michael Fulton

    This is great!

    I would like to join a chapter near Thousand Oaks CA.

    Let get this viral!

    Michael Fulton

  • Kimmy B

    Not only did you make a point about Healthcare- but also about the level of ignorance in this country by Rightwinging Teabaggers.
    Thanks- with all the infuriating BS being spewed by the Baggers, It was a Welcome moment of Humor amongst the Mad Crowd Diseased.

  • Tita

    We definitely need one in San Antonio, TX!!!

  • Ima Hogg

    Excellent. There is such a dearth of functions at which one may wear one’s best and give full vent to one’s soulful convictions. Thank you, dearest, Billionaires. Amazing how the polyester set seemed to so love you, too!!!

  • Kristen Meek

    Finally – smart humor to smack down deliberate ignorance/blind hatred! I am joining up!

  • avrds, Montana

    Joe Splinter, I’m in Missoula.

    I think we need a Montana chapter so that we can serenade Max Baucus and thank him for all that he is doing for us!

  • Joe Heathen

    North Harris County, South Montgomery County, Texas, anyone? You’re in the bowels of the beast.

  • scooby do

    Love to start one in good old red Cincinnati Ohio

  • Danielle

    Seattle/Tacoma area, what’s up!!

  • Heidi (Di Mon’pi Rate)

    How about a chapter for Southern CA – Coachella Valley-Yucca Valley-29 Palms-Big Bear area? Any takers? Maybe Redlands and Riverside too?

  • Hilbert

    I am at boston. The boston chapter e-mail doesn’t work. What is the correct e-mail address of the boston chapter? I would like to sign up.


  • M Dyer

    Da’links, I tried to email you but I know you are busy this time of year denying claims, so I wanted to reach out to you one more time. We are preparing for a ‘Billionaires for WealthCare” sidewalk social soon here in Lawrence, Ks and we would like to officially be included on your Chapter Roster.

  • noah rosen

    I feel like the change people are getting the upper hand in my neighborhood (koolaid drinking liberals) and I would love to show my support for health care companies by purchasing a t-shirt. Is this a possibility?


    Rich Gross

  • coolchicka

    South Orange County, CA and West Los Angeles County, CA would be most appropriate for a billionaire gathering.

    Can anyone with creative genius put a saying together for families with children with autism or those with kids with disabilities billionaire style?

  • Rollin N. Doe

    Calling and inviting all Southern Oregon Billionaires who only want what Rocco/Little Caesar wanted. We want more. More than more. As Fee sang, “I want it all”.

  • barracuda78

    Starting a Western New York chapter, any takers, could include buffalo/rochester and all areas in between, i am located in batavia ny

    you can email me at

  • Roberta Baron

    Anyone from DC Metro Area, I would like to get in touch with some DC chapter Billionaires!

  • Lynda Hayes

    I would like to connect with some New Mexico Billionaires, if there are any. It is a pretty poor state.

  • Ivanta Urdough

    Austinites! Let’s show this red state why Austin, Texas is so incredible! Are we not totally exhausted of being lumped with the crazy Republicans and Right-wingers? C’mon, ya’ll! We deserve better! We can do better! WE will continue to do better!

    Very Truly Yours,

    Mrs. Ivanta Urdough

  • Jewel

    I want to be a Billionaire in Texas! How can I reach other Texas billionaires?

  • Jeff Morris- Saugerties,N.Y.

    To all fellow (elitist) billionaires in the Lower Hudson Valley NY area, I extend a formal privileged invation, to join me in forming a “Billionaires For Wealthcare” chapter here. Cheerio!

  • Matthew Vonnahme

    I would like to start a chapter in Jacksonville, FL – Please email me at so we can get a protest going and the message out! I’ll have to dust off my ‘tails’ but I’m ready to go! Let’s get in touch and get organized…

  • Brian Dawson

    Excellent. I hope you have more videos. My site is geared to saving freedom for the corporation!

    Today’s Meditation: How can I best serve my social betters? After all they are the “producers”!

  • Brian Dawson

    Excellent! I am with you all the way!

    “If they cannot afford drugs let have swallow dung”!

  • Kevin

    My wife and I are wealthcare billionaires in Pasadena and need to be connected with the old money Orange County B4W! Don’t worry we can let our servants know we won’t be home for dinner in case we have to go rally for profits over people.

  • lambscapes

    I want to be a Miami billionaire for wealthcare.
    Is there a Miami, Florida group?

  • Gale

    OK I’m ready to start the Northeast Florida chapter!

  • Patty

    Tucson, Arizona needs Billionaires

  • Jeffery

    St. Louis is a hotbed of teabagging activity and I would like to thank my comrades properly! Unfortunately, I am only a Wealthcare Millionaire, not a Billionaire. Can I still join?

  • Nancy Jones

    A Grand Hello to One and All,
    My chauffeur is ready and waiting to drive me to the Norfolk/Portsmouth, Virginia Chapter meeting of Billionaires for Wealthcare!! Please let’s not dawdle,dear-for our stock dividends are a-waiting!! My Hermes scarf and Fendi sunglasses oh, so require a little outing! Taa-Taa! Nancy Jones

  • MichellaBella

    Well, I’ll have Jeeves bring round the Rolls, dahling…

    Looking for any fellow Wisconsinite Billionaires to start a chapter in our most auspicious state.

    You can contact my secretary at kittykatze18 at yahoo.

  • E Chung

    How to get in touch with someone in OK? I wish we could get something going on OKC, but would travel to Tulsa to do this if I could. I am just itching to wear the ambassadorial dress.

  • dsmith

    Definitely! Count me in! I’ll have to visit the vault to take out the family jewels, but this is for a good cause. I have a little black something or two hanging in the closet. Anyone know of a chapter in the Tampa Bay, FL area??

  • dsmith

    Forgot to add my email: please contact me there regarding any information on a chapter in the Tampa Bay area. Donna

  • John Lingenfelder

    A chapter is forming for the North Dallas environs. Contact at for details.

  • okie_socialworker

    Looking for Oklahoma Billionaires

  • Z. Roe Compassion (Plano TX)

    There is a Facebook page for Dallas Tx, so do get yourself there.

    DFW Billionaires For Wealthcare

  • Muffy Worthington-Warbucks

    Seeking Cape Cod, MA, billionaires to join Billionaires For WealthCare, Hyannisport Chapter.

  • Susie Macksey

    I would like to unite with the many Billionaires I am sure must inhabit the greater Los Angeles area. Seek me out, my fellow plutocrats!

  • Lamar

    Can’t believe that there is not a chapter in Atlanta. Come on Liberal-Progressive Billionaires of Georgia get on the bandwagon!

  • Billionaire Mushrat

    Seeking other billionaires in and around Philadelphia.

  • Conde Soto

    Where is Indiana in your list?

  • Terry Trillions

    MINNESOTA BILLIONAIRES! Join us this Thursday, September 24, at noon on Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. We’ll be walking towards the IDS Center to inform the common folk of our noble cause – keeping us wealthy!! This is our announcement of our new group:

  • Diane Oraif

    Alabama Billionaire Soiree being planned from my gated country estate. My Villa is complete with nice view on the east side of the waterfront and on the west lawn with my polo ponies serenely grazing on clover carefully manicured by my staff. Contact my Butler for screening at or go to the main FaceBook page for Billionaires.

  • Keith

    Surely there are a handful of Billionaires in Amarillo, the Texas Panhandle, or West Texas A&M University? I’m willing to dust-off my formal attire if you are, madams and sirs. gillionaire /@/ gmail /./ com

  • Roland N. Yourdough

    Ohhh yeah. New money on the Left Coast, Represent!! The LA Chapter is in full effect. 2 Actions this week. Contact me for details! We will preserve the Status Quo, or we will fucking die (or at least lose a lot of money)! Love you guys and your wonderful, dandy idea!

    Ken (Roland N. Yourdough)

  • Anne

    I’d love to find a regional Billionaires chapter in London, England for wealthy American entrepeneurs abroad… are there any of these around?

  • Mona Santo

    We had a lovely gathering last night in Lawrence, Kansas, but we dispersed when we realized we were standing on a so-called “public” sidewalk because our presence on the aforementioned sidewalk possibly represented support for Government interference in our right to stand in the mud.

  • Susan

    I’m not surprised that I’m probably the only member in South Carolina. Onward I march (or ride in my limo) alone.

  • April Blackman

    Hello darlings: I am another billionaire who never gets sick, in Orange County California, specifically Costa Mesa – what say you fellow billionaires – shall we unite?

  • Gloria Hoffman

    I know there are many of us Millionaires in Philadelphia, PA. So, where is our chapter??

    I feel sooooooo deprived!!

    Contact me at

  • Thuston Howell IV

    Any Billionaires in the Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes and Wadena MN area?

    Contact me at

  • Linden McEachern

    Are there any billionaires in the Ann Arbor area, or do I have to take my helicopter over to Lansing?

  • Terree Darling

    Hey I am reaching out to fellow billionaires to show up at Michael Moore’s screening of Capitalism, A Love Story. We must defend Capitalism at all costs! I am trying to get a group together to go to Ann Arbor Showcase Cinema 4100 Carpenter Road on Tues. Oct 6th.

    I think the show is around 7, but we will try to get there early to hang out by the entrance and preserve proper limo parking. Please email if interested and I will have my people get back to your people. Good day.

  • Joel Holt

    I want to be a billionaire.

  • jean duchemin

    i live in staten island new york and i would like to start a chapter in down town nyc.. please contact me asap so we could start one NOW, i am aim at oct-15, lets take the fight to where it is WALL STREET

  • Richard McVay

    Media Advisory: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    Contact: Richard McVay 814-459-7803

    ‘Billionaires For Wealthcare’ Taking to the Streets of Erie to Defend Their ‘WEALTHCARE’

    4pm – Tuesday, October 6th

    Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Office (717 State Street)

    Erie, Pennsylvania – The ‘Billionaires For Wealthcare’ movement began as a mere dream wafting in the smoke-filled back rooms of corporate suites, and soon spread across the nation for people with appropriate connections, e.g., megabucks. But recently, the BFW members were shocked to discover that the enemies of ‘WEALTHCARE’ are attempting to strike back.

    ‘Billionaires For Wealthcare’ hired private detectives to sleuth and find out about groups in Erie planning to stage attacks on America’s ‘Wealthcare’ system. Fortunately, BFW was able to intercept communiqués, and discovered the details of their enemies’ actions:

    ‘Billionaires For Wealthcare’ will deploy by limousine in full force at 4pm, Tuesday, October 6th – in front of the Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield office! Although outnumbered by the unwashed masses clamoring for health care reform, the Billionaires with upper lips stiff will defend the insurance industry right to gouge the public. Profits before people!

    The Erie Chapter of ‘Billionaires for Wealthcare’ want you to remember, “our death panels make a profit!”

    Billionaires For Wealthcare:

    WHO: Billionaires For Wealthcare

    WHAT: Taking to the Streets of Erie to Defend Their ‘WEALTHCARE’

    WHEN: 4pm – Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

    WHERE: 717 State Street: Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Office

  • Emily

    I am from CT and I am looking for others in the area to join with, contact me at

  • sandra

    I am a billionaire in Ann Arbor. Please keep me abreast of any opportunties to further expand my empire….

  • Marshall Bennett

    Starting a chapter in Austin Texas for legislature events.

  • Terry Trillions

    Our action is on democraticunderground. Register and post a reply to raise awareness of the Billionaire’s marvelous events!×383322

  • Nick O’Reilly

    We need a chapter in the Orlando Florida area. If one is forming count me in.

  • Natalie Green

    I would LOVE for there to be one in North Central Florida!!! :)

  • Ian

    Hey Marshall. My girlfriend and I would definitely be interested in forming an Austin Chapter with you. Have you found others who are interested yet?

  • Muffy Worthington-Warbucks

    Seeking Cape Cod Billionaires for WealthCare. Seeking Boston Billionaire actions to join in Boston.

  • Eric Gallion

    I’m interested in forming a chapter in buffalo, ny. Anyone interested?

    I also think we need to branch out – I think the wallstreet takeover of government is the issue we should be exploiting, instead of letting all that anger out there go to waste, or get exploited by the “tea bag crowd”

    any thoughts?

  • David

    Any Billionaires in Chicago want to get together for caviar?

  • Jewel
  • mikem

    wanting to set up a suave collection of billionares in the conservative nest of Colorado Springs/Denver, Colorado.
    email leoti4201@gmail if interested!

  • Mary Pat Donegan

    Please know that Pittsburgh based Chapter of Billionaires for Wealthcare will Debate Chuck Pennacchio of Healthcare4AllPA and Progressive Democrats of America’s Conner Boylan and Tim Carpenter on Oct. 17 at 6:30 pm and 8pm at the Healthcare4AllPA Office, 2101 Murray Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15217. On Oct. 20th Billionaires for Wealthcare will crash the Single -Payer Rally at the Harrisburg,PA Capitol Rotunda sometime between 10′ish and noon.

  • Bill Ragen

    Chicagoland Billionaires:

    As you probably know, our people at the American Bankers Association will hold their annual convention later this month (Oct 25-27) in Chicago. With the help of high-minded speakers such as Newt Gingrich and George F Will, we will use this opportunity to discuss how they can beat back those awful people who want health care. Thanks to the government bailout, this is being done at taxpayers’ expense. But who do you really trust to know how to spend all that money?

    Unfortunately, an unseemly group of trade unionists and community rabble rousers seeks to disrupt these proceedings with Bolshevik-inspired demands for health care, accountability, jobs and similar nonsense. You can read about it at

    It is vital that you get out there and put these dreadful people in their place. I implore you to get out there and put a stop to this nonsense!

    (In all seriousness, we would love to have you – we expect several thousand people on Tuesday, and Sunday and Monday’s events also promise to be well-attended and very lively. If there are any Chicago-area billionairs, you won’t want to miss this. If you are at all interested, please contact me at – make sure you let me know you if you are coming so we can make sure everybody gets the joke.)

  • Jack Cain


  • bobbie sue

    I’m curious about the portland, or event thursday the 22nd…does anyone know what is going on or are you going?

  • shorebreaks

    Anyone know of a Billionares club in Hawaii?
    If not, want to help start one?

  • Bob the Billionaire

    Hey Dave and other Chicago elites! Let’s get to work on defending the status quo (and our offshore bank accounts). e-mail:

  • Angelique

    I’m looking for others who may be interested in starting a Chapter in Northern, Virginia. Anyone interested?

  • Mike Dubose


    I’m starting a “Billionaires for Wealthcare chapter in Austin, Texas. Interested folks should contact me at or on my business phone (Rogue State Records) at (213) 537-5082.

    Hope to hear from many Austinites soon!

    Mike Dubose

  • mehdi shallwani

    I am from Quebec, Canada and I wonder if there is a chapter in this province or if there are plans to open one!

  • Andrea Gilbert

    I am only a Millionaire in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area (so, plenty of yacht clubs), but if I do not act against this dreadful reform I will never get my God-given chance to become a Billionaire!

    Feel free to e-mail me if you’re in the area and let’s see what we can do!

    PS also will be following Billionaires on Facebook

  • Jane Hamilton

    Are there any chapters in Maine? I would love to be a part of it, there is no talking to these people. Actions do speak louder than words.

  • carlagug

    Love what you do. My husband and I wrote one verse to “Jesus loves me” for you.
    Healthy profits we must show, public options got to go, Average Joes don't need the dough, Ronald Regan told us so. We love our money, We want your money, We'll get your money, Rush Limbaugh tells us GO!. We need a Lansing, MI chapter

  • Nathan Mazur

    Anyone in Michigan? Let's start a chapter here! We all know that Michigan is hurting big time right now. Let's work together to make sure we get a public option!!!

    Email me if you are from Michigan and want to join forces here.

  • new_money

    looking for some rich friends :) here in jacksonville florida….

  • Jo Ellis

    Please, will some of those Billionaires in Joplin, Mo. contact me? We need to do some caroling around here, doncha' think?

  • Sheila Jackson

    Need a chapter in Greenville, SC. The AHIP opera was the best thing I have ever seen. It would be so great to stage a little opera in Bergamo Square in Greenville

  • georgejfulkerson

    Truth via humor demolishes all smug interest groups. Public Option Annies has livened my life and dedication to getting it done. I salute you. Mark Twain salutes you.

  • laurencelewinmd

    As a retired Billionaire for Bush, but still active in health care, I wondered what I should be doing with my spare time. I've found the answer!

  • Cecilia Gomez

    Nick, we need to put an Orlando chapter together and crash the Tea Bagger's event Nov 12.

  • kaap

    Please let's start an Orlando chapter …

  • Billiana Aire, Esq.

    Fellow billionaires in Austin: Let's gather to wish our dear friend, Sen. John Cornyn bon voyage and godspeed as he rushes back to Washington to vote against health care (thank goodness!). We'll be joined by our tea party brethren and sistren. Everyone who's anyone will be in attendance.

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009 11:45 AM
    Where: John Cornyn's Office in Chase Tower
    221 West Sixth Street Suite 1530
    Austin TX 78701

    Sorry for the late notice, but Wharton and I have been in Monte Carlo. Please post here if you think you may be attending.

    Billiana Aire, Esq.

  • Michael Jelf

    If a Rolls Royce would be useful for Los Angeles area street theatre, please contact me.

  • Shelly

    email me! i'd like to help organize the next soiree!

  • Shelly

    email me! i'd like to help organize the next soiree!

  • themaskedmarvel

    I live in Los Angeles and have some organizing experience. I also have an old-
    fashioned tuxedo, tophat, and accessories. Please let me know if there are any activities scheduled for L.A. Thanks!

  • allysahn

    I missed this, but I'd love to hear about the next austin billionaires meeting!

  • mrmikeyd

    I live in the bastion of ignorance and republicanism: ALABAMA! There are a few of us who do not follow Rush Limbaugh and company. I would like to know how to organize for the upcoming Tea Baggers convention?? in Huntsville which is being broadcast for free on local television stations.

  • abovenyquist

    The Tea Party Express is coming to Atlanta on Nov. 9. Are there any Billionaires in Atlanta to serenade the partiers?

  • Anastasia Polini

    Dear Sir:

    I would like to share the following information to you and your clientele.

    Please do visit the following Web site to see information on a Dream Vacation that caters to the select wealthy@

    Once you have had the opportunity to peruse the site. Please do feel free to make it known to all of your clientele. I sincerely believe they would love to indulge in a Dream vacation of a lifetime. Please do let them know to mention Anastasia Polini referred them upon signing up for the vacation. It is most important.

    Thank you and Bon Voyage to all!

    If you have any inquiries please do e-mail me at anytime.

    Miss Anastasia Polini

  • gurpreet8732

    i need a money to pay my med school loan ..can u help me pls

  • viscount

    Illinois Billionaires: The local Tea Party “commoners” are gathering in Springfield, IL on Saturday November 14, 2009 @ 12:00 noon. Let's join them in thanking Congressman Aaron Schock for his vote against healthcare reform (whew!). Without their support, more than 47,000 Illinois residents would have health insurance! Could you imaging how that would eat into my paycheck!? Egads.

    Viscount Lotsa D. Money

    Saturday, November 14, 2009 12:00 AM
    Where: Old State Capitol Building
    300 South Sixth Street
    Springfield IL 62701

  • auroramagic

    Anchorage, Alaska should be shown as a thriving capitol for billionaires, no pun etc.

  • Visc. Philmore Buckingsworth

    I am always going between springfield and chicago, please feel free to have your people contact my people and we can go punk some people. :) I got tuxes, furs, bling, and a big ass cadillac.

  • timothyjansen

    how can i be active in hilton head island sc

  • Jonathan Wellinton-Fidrych III

    Buffalo, NY Billionaires are in full swing, demonstrating to keep free health clinics closed. The monied class should contact us at

  • Bruce-man

    This post area sucks. 1000 questions – not a single answer.
    “How do I sign up?”

    Evidently know one that runs this site gives a damn.

  • Bruceman

    I meant “no one”

    hate typos……!

  • monetoliverdeplace

    Tim – we are mostly a DIY model and encourage you to use the tools and information we've posted here on the site. Begin by reading through our “Be a Billionaire” page:…

    You can find signs for actions here:

    as well as nearby chapters (if any) here on our chapters page. Email those chapters directly!

    You can also email us at for specific questions or ideas.

    Thanks !

    In privilege,

    Monet Oliver DePlace
    Billionaires For Wealthcare

  • monetoliverdeplace

    It's easy to rally some local Billionaires! Read through our DIY tools at… download our signs

    and head out to celebrate the teabaggers for fighting so hard on our behalf.

  • monetoliverdeplace

    Of COURSE we give a damn, Bruce – but have been away from the computer celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with our friends and family in a far away tax-shelter.

    “Signing up” is easy, would you like to start a chapter and be listed as the local contact to help organize other billionaires who may be interested in your area?

    Email us at to learn more about what's involved in being a “chapter leader”.

    But know that ours is mostly a community-driven, Do-It-Yourself model. Please utilize the tools we've underpaid an army of Malaysian child laborers to produce to help you stage an action:

    Getting started:…

    Downloadable signs:

    We hope this helps!
    Monet – Billionaires for Wealthcare

  • staffingpowerhawaii

    It is very great post. It is useful for me.

  • Aron Kay

    hey i wouldnt mind pieing the glenn becks and the rush limbaughs who believe in wealth care!!!!

    aron kay-mad yippie pie thrower

  • deborahlamson

    We don't have a local New York or Long Island Chapter? – Last time I checked there was one in Manhattan. I got the news too late for the 15th – anymore events upcoming soon? I'm ready to dust myself off, put on my gloves & get on the bus….

  • monetoliverdeplace

    We'll keep that in mind and certainly keep you posted. PLease email us the best way to get ahold of you !

  • nancy

    How can I be active in Houston Texas?

  • monetoliverdeplace

    Have you tried emailing our Houston chapter directly at If so and you haven't heard back yet, they may be out of town checking on their tax shelters for the Holidays. Please check in with them post-New Year's. if you still don't hear back, drop us a line at info (@)


  • americantaxpayers
  • Lu Forrest

    This February 4-6, Legatus, a Catholic group, will ‘honor’ Bush sometime during a 3 day pro-life conference at the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point (1 Monarch Beach,
    Dana Point, CA).……

    The date and time of the actual presentation to Bush is
    being kept secret. So we’re holding a pre-emptive, peaceful protest to
    express outrage and shock at the St. Regis and Legatus for honoring a war
    criminal, especially for this Orwellian choice! Please join us! Parking at
    PCH and Niguel at Dana Point Library, or Salt Creek Beach.


    WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 4th, 5-8 p.m.

    WHERE: St. Regis Resort, 1 Monarch Beach, DP

    Directions: PCH, north on Niguel Road. Park at DP Library on Niguel Rd (Walk
    north approx. 1500 ft. or Call 949-257-8501 to arrange for ride)

  • cd tien

    please contact me if there are any new york chapter.

  • Bigbill
  • Bigbill
  • JM

    Any Colorado chapters?

  • monetoliverdeplace

    Not yet! Please step up and start your own. All it takes are a few like-minded Billionaires to make an impact. Get started using the tools on our Be A Billionaire page:…

  • kensington_brooks

    I would like to start a Chapter in Sacramento, the state capitol of California. We could be out on the capitol steps constantly and make a big impact in the media!

  • Brandy

    I'm interested in a CO chapter too, in Denver or Northern CO – surely we can get some more folks interested.

  • Rebecca

    Let's get a Colorado chapter going!!! I've already purchased my gorgeous billionaire dress from Goodwill!!!!

  • monetoliverdeplace

    JM, Rebecca and Brandy! Sounds like CO is about to reach a quorum! Please email us at if you'd like us to connect you all via email introductions!


  • PJ

    I'm in on a Colorado chapter!

  • Uniontech

    We are having a Bank of America Protest in Albany NY, April 1st, 12noon at 69 State st. We are coming after your bonuses and want to pass new regulations against your casino investment banking practices.

  • bruce baldy

    The recession is the best thing to have happened to the colonies,it has once again placed a high,descent value on U.S. securities and nipped the insurgent foriegn marauders in the bud and drastically weed out the traitorous infidels of national ranks of which placed minimal value on the greatest of all the nations.

  • Terrykaye

    When “wealth insurance” says “no,” we have to help each other – I have started a nonprofit to help women with cancer get treatment when it is denied or delayed by Wealthcare! Please vote for us to win $50,000 this August in the Pepsi Refresh project –

  • elbothepaur

    Milwaukee….forming…there are so many wealthy here what with Scott Walker and all…Daily updated protest site (by those little people):
    (Walker on Thursday 3-24, and Racine 3-25)

  • imafatdouche Michael Moore

    yea 1% profit margin is out of line those greedy as#holes making 1 % by denying sick people care because of preexisting conditions or denying payment for a medical procedure….its time to drop the gloves and fight these as^holes…you billonares make me sick

  • john

    I would like to start one in Central Massachusetts I think people around here are finally starting to wake up and see that both the Republicans and Democrats are paid for by the same people and will say and do whatever they have too like a child to be elected like GE and Goldman Sacks and my old boss said just yes them to death and smile till they are out the door(or your elected) then do whatever you want he he. I just hope they don’t use HAARP to ice me like they did to the fish in cali :-(

  • Jackie Ivy

    I also would like to start a chapter in Milwaukee WI, with Paul Ryan’s health care bullsh take away from the poor,low-income and seniors. So what if they die because they can not afford health care…Only means more for me and my billonaires friends
    See you on the battle field for justice!!!!!!! Paul Ryan “GOD” is watching you….

  • Rich R. Daily

    What happened to the Los Angeles Chapter of Wealthcare? I think it’s disappeared like union rights….

  • Jess


  • TheDJshAde

    I would like to start a Chicago chapter as it appears that my reclusive peers are not flaunting their obvious superiority over the commoners what with all these “occupiers” psshaaw …

  • Corey Pauratejet

    I would like to start a Chicago chapter as it appears that my reclusive peers are not flaunting their obvious superiority over the commoners what with all these “occupiers” psshaaw …

  • largesse cheques

    i think its time to restart this theater company….now more than ever this is needed

  • Nancy Beyondwords

    Willing to form a chapter in Orlando.  Let me know…..

  • Draechap2089

    May not mean much, but I started a petition to help our voices get heard. Think it might work?

  • ray reynolds

    Please come to Wisconsin and be Billionaires for Walker 

  • book spotlight: No Billionaire Left Behind: Satirical Activism in America |

    [...] to free assembly and free speech.  In addition, the book depicts the difficulties of coordinating local chapters whose members may have their own ideas about acceptable practices and messaging that could muddy [...]

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