A tip for the frugal billionaire: print out these signs on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, take them to Kinkos (or equivalent copy shop), enlarge them to 18″ x 24″, and paste/tape them onto foamcore boards. Making 10 signs this way costs roughly $25, an excellent deal!

Or you can simply print them out and put them up as 8.5″ x 11″ posters.

UPDATE: New tax day signs! You can download them all here.

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  • Michael Perrin

    Wonderful, just wonderful

  • Jacopo Panichi


  • Mrs. Polly

    Blessings on your top-hatted heads.

  • Laszlo Wellington Frederick Colfax III


  • ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©

    I have been compelled to endorse your ideas.

  • Moose

    Please continue your fight!!!!!!!!

    How about a South Florida Chapter

  • Warp Nine

    !!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!! Thank God! I thought we were screwed!! PLEASE keep it up, you are GREAT!!!

  • kimberly kent

    What a welcome relief to the madness that was the August Recess. Fantastic concept and execution. Cheers to the Billionaires for Wealthcare!

  • DeeCapp

    I’ve been calling it “wealth care” for years now — even before unpaid medical bills forced me to file bankruptcy — I’m so glad you picked up the theme and went nation-wide!

    Don’t stop! You make the case for status quo clearer than I’ve ever heard it demonstrated! Even better than Glenn Beck and his cadre of FOX friends.

  • Huiler

    I don’t get it. You guys aren’t supposed to admit this stuff. If people find out, they’ll hate you.

  • Talbot

    SAVE the GEKKO$!

  • Dolly Porter, Lansing MI

    Street theater lives! Saw you on Rachel Maddow: applauded, laughed and applauded more! Good job, keep it up! I’ll e-mail you everywhere I can. Although in my circle, we’ll be preaching to the choir, at least they’ll be highly entertained by your biting satire.

  • Martin Backman, M.D.

    What you are doing is incredible. Watching the videos conviced me even more (if possible) that we are fighting morons. The demonstrator at the end who happily show the hand of one of your group as if agreeing with your position was worth billions. Rachell’s face said it all.

    Keep up the good work. I will continue my battle on my side trying to reduce your profits by spending as much money possible in caring for the enemy, also called the patient.

    To Your Health

    Martin J Backman, M.D.
    Diplomate, American Board
    of Psychiatry & Neurology

  • Rachel Russell “Sleepy AVON Lady”

    So Excellently Awesome! Keeping up the good fight! Who cares if the Blue Dog’s are their own worst enemy!

  • Erik Scheckelhoff

    You can’t spell PROFITEERING without PROFIT!

  • evilbeauty666

    love this… smart!!

  • Erik Scheckelhoff

    United States?

    United HealthCare?

    Coincidence? I think not!

  • Dolores Blecher

    You’re all damn communists!!! This isn’t funny! You’re trying to take over the world and your just pretending to want your health care for money! I know it! Just this evening my Metamucil started talking to me about the joys of Stalinism and you know me, I just stood there and listened. I mean it sounded just like Sarah Palin and okay, I thought, well she could see Russia from her front porch, it sort of made sense, she’d be the one to know and all (and she’s so good at accents). But then I remembered that Obama was the PresidentCzar of the USofSSA and nothing is really as it seems anymore. And God, it’s just so hard to keep going like this with all those people on the death panels coming and ringing my doorbell wanting to take statistics about me and how many people live in my home…like they were just putting in an order for the coffins and well, I gotta go now cause I’m outta breath.

    Whew, that was a close one!

  • Monty

    If God had intended us to care for the sick and poor He would have said so.

  • Debi

    Does anyone think the nut jobs marching on Washington actually “got it”?

    Don’t touch my medicare.

    We’re number 37!!

  • Arlene Hoffer

    Magnificent.Just Fantastic!

  • Judy

    Pop another bottle of Dom and let’s celebrate!

  • DoubleL

    “If God had intended for us to care for the sick and poor He would have said so”

    Best comment ever!!

  • BrentinWI

    The perfect way to point out the idiocy that is going on. I’m sending a link to your site to everyone I know, either right or left wing. Suggest everyone else does the same!!

  • rainie bowers

    60 year old grandma found rachel during pres debates only inteligent woman on tv when i watched her show last nite i was rockin in my chair!!! didn’t get enough so here i am i am surrounded by them what amo i have now i thank you however i kinda got the impression those poor goofy people didn’t get it could you you please consider making your logo on the bottom a little bigger print again thank you i’ve got fire in my belly now!
    grandma rainie

  • avrds, Montana

    You are fantastic! I’m putting a sign in my car today!

    Not too many billionaires in Montana, but we do have Max Baucus looking out for our best interests nonetheless. So we may have to form a chapter here and serenade his office.

  • karen

    Keep it up sooner or later maybe a few of the teabag morons will get it. Meanwhile a lot of us are really enjoying the humor.

  • JoeDavid

    Remember These Teabaggers wouldn’t let the President of the United States tell their children to do their homework and wash their hands at school. H1N1 is begining to rage in schools so these children will carry it home. When their care is being denied at the Peak of Flu season this year,still none will admit they helped open Pandora’s Box. These morans may very well cause the next Great Pandemic in the US. All that was missing in the Million Moran March was 500,000 I’m with Stupid T-Shirts.

  • JoeDavid

    Yes I know Moron is not spelled M-o-r-a-n but That’s how Glenn Beck spells it and he may read my comment!

  • Penny Smart

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen; however, it seems that it is sadly going straight over some folks’ heads…

  • Halli

    The best commentary yet on this (can’t believe we have to have it) debate. Please keep going!

  • Eva Gabore

    Can you make a TV commercial? Pleeeeze!

  • Raven880

    Thank you for you courage and honesty. Love the signs and I”ll be putting them around my yard in my nearly 100% RW neighborhood.

  • Texas voter

    Great job! Keep going. Can someone print the bumper stickers?

  • Cliff Hyatt

    These signs are a spotlight on the parasites that say “Let them eat crème brûlée” all the way to the bank…

  • Payme Somemore

    I agree with Eva, above. PLEASE make a TV commercial! Brainpower like yours must get the broadest distribution possible!

    I bet you could get adtime on FOX, cheap!

  • DonnaInFlorida

    I’ll donate to the ad cause.

  • LakeRat

    Spiritual Sons of the Yippies- at last! Where have you been? We sorely missed you. Keep up the great work!

  • NS

    YES! MORE!

  • linda hogan

    Love it!!! You guys are incredible!! Please do make a commercial. I will also donate to make it happen.

    Thanks for the laugh. After watching the teabaggers I needed that.

    We need a chapter in Indiana

  • admin

    Thanks! We may need just that. To start a chapter or find other billionaires near you please use the comment section on our Chapters page to announce yourself:
    Make sure to leave your contact info in the message body of the comments so others can connect with you.

    You can also visit our Facebook page to find actions and events and other billionaires near you:

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  • barracuda78

    WINDOW DISPLAY…even without a protest I suggest we each pick a sign and place it in a nice window location in your house, for all to see

    I’ve printer off my copy and will go to kinkos tomorrow

  • Robert Finlay Physician Assistant Certified

    This is perhaps the most brilliant concept of showing the party of “NO” what they are supporting.

    Not quite a billionaire myself, (by about $999,800,000 short, I would still like to participate. I have a tux, and don’t smoke, but am used to stage props and always did like a good cigar, even though as Groucho said to the woman with 10 kids, “I take it out ONCE in a while” I can hold one. As a medical practitioner myself, I too give comfort and succor to the enemy like Dr. Beckman above.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Darhlene, Kissimmee FL

    Oh, dear, I haven’t had reason to where my dress by Prada and my De Beer diamond necklace for some time. I’d be looking for a WealthCare event in Central Florida, maybe near Tiger Woods house. Oh, that’d be lovely.


  • Sam El-Saleh

    Brilliant, simply brilliant. The funniest part is that it would seem as though most of those teabaggers are not quite smart enough to realize what you are actually saying. Keep up the great work!!

  • Felice N. Thumassis

    Finally able to bring out my tiara. Our Constitutional corporate personhood rights needs us. If we can’t keep these taxpayers under control, how will I ever afford make ends meet?

  • Roger Dobrick

    Finally, the good work of “Billionaires for Bush” continues!

    We could use a chapter here in MADtown, Wisconsin.

  • J.T.

    Absolutely frickin’ BRILLIANT!!!!! I think you’ve started a new movement! Keep up the great work… even if just to see the pricelessly hysterical looks of confusion on the faces of the “teabaggers”! Great comedy & even better politics!

  • Summer Austin

    Thank you for creating these. If nothing else, it gives me something to send to the losers who forward offensive Obama emails to me all day.
    I think y’all are brilliant.
    Would you accept just a lowly millionaire among your ranks???

  • Jan Wolf

    Well Done! Best live political satire I’ve seen since Ladies against Women. Cheers!

  • Mark

    Excellent job! Keep up the good work.

  • Bill D.

    Great Job!!!!!!!! We need t-shirts.

  • Patrick Shaw

    For a new sign, how about:

    “Defeat the health exchange, keep the wealth exchange!”

  • RightWingNate

    Excellent example of Democracy in Action. I’d really like to donate to your cause, however, a donation would impact my bottom line. I didn’t become a billionaire by giving any of it away to freeloading charities…

  • Michael


    How about:




    keep it up — I’m passing this along with delight.

  • Richard E. Burcham

    Great idea guys! We can’t get ‘em with logic, so why not try a little satirical lunacy?

    Have just decorated my minivan with your signs. Now all I need to do is get myself a top hat, white gloves, Tails, ruffled shirt, and cigar to parade around town in!

    Keep up the good work!

    Try appealing to talk shows, like “Ellen”, “The View”, “The Today Show”, “Letterman”, etc. They just might be interested in a performance by “Billionaires for Wealthcare”.

  • JD

    You guys ROCK

  • David S Hatfield


  • Pat C

    Thanks so much!!!! Haven’t had such a good laugh since all this started. Please, please keep up the good work. We will overcome the stupids!!!

  • Renee Bouvier

    Do you truly believe the average American with an 8th-grade reading level possesses the intellectual capacity to understand the true message conveyed by “Billionaires for Wealthcare?” I spoke to one of the leaders of the TeaBag Party. His definition of an education is a sixth-month course at and certification from Chubbs. He voiced visceraal hatred for government as a result of being a former child of foster care. Hey, a mamzer is a mamzer. After all, if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s a bastard.

  • doug

    Brilliant. Thank you

  • Red McWilliams

    “All that was missing in the Million Moran March was 500,000 I’m with Stupid T-Shirts.”

    That and about 925,000 more people. And Glenn Beck; he was missing too.

    To the Billionaires and their campaign, I say ‘boffo!’.

  • Pam P


    :) )))))))


  • Billy F

    Amazing, you just summed up the Bush Economic plans of his 8 years (4 elected 4 stolen) in some very good signs, keep it up!

  • CatoTheCensor

    Beautiful. Now, I want one that reads, “Walk it off.”

  • Kristie

    How about I heart Baucus or I heart Joe Wilson…something along those lines??

  • Bob

    Let click HMOs’ sponsor links on other websites as much as possible and cost them big bucks.

  • Bob

    Very well done!

  • Lola23


    Well done good fellows!

    Cheerio Pip Pip.

  • Mo

    “There’s no U-S or A in Life Expectency”

    (Double whammy because they wouldn’t even notice the spelling mistake)

  • Greg

    Regarding the Ken Burns documentary, “THE NATIONAL PARKS: AMERICA’S BEST IDEA”, how about making a sign that reads, “Privatize the National Parks!”?

  • Adriana

    This is truly a breath of fresh air, it’s nice to know that not all Americans are selfish, blindly informed and stupid.

  • Jude Moore

    Good to know I’m not alone. Nice work folks. Ellenville, NY 12428

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • Bill

    (In my best “Mr. Burns” voice): “Excellent”…

  • Phil

    Sounds like most of you are a members of or have graduated from the college of STUPID

  • Thomas Brown

    I still think you guys are ignoring a valuable PR outlet by not linking up with (or someone) to offer these signs in sticker form.

    I’d buy dozens and give them away like they were the $100 bills I use to light my Havanas!

  • bobbie sue

    I’m kind of partial to a sign that says, ” You don’t have to trust me, trust the study I funded”

  • bob doerner

    you folks are wonderful!! you should try and get in touch with the Monty python boys for an endorsement……….also a fat Elvis would be a good addition. Keep up the good work………you are all marvelous!!

  • BillionaireBrian

    I recently attended a teabagger gathering in support of the billionaires and was surprised to find how many of them did not grasp the true irony of our presence! As stated earlier, “…selfish, blindly informed and stupid.” Join the Houston Chapter!!!

  • billionairesforwealthcare

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    from []

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    —–Transcript of session follows —–
    … while talking to

  • tomridgley

    Well it's about time you guys. Tina Fey must have been getting pretty lonely. Get on Jay leno (not Rush, you don't want to risk it) and give em a good show. Thanks

    ps, see if you can work
    Tricky Dick Cheney in somewhere.

  • aikanae

    Ever consider how much profit was lost because Social Security wasn't privatized? Millions of seniors and disabled should be living on the streets now. And don't forget “tort reform” … No private citizen should be able to challenge a corporation. I guess they haven't heard about dual system of justice.

    Looking around on the web it seems that a number of people are taking the slogans to heart and are in total agreement. I guess that's a by product of “leave no adult behind” equivalency of 6th grade – high school education. A little scary.

  • John Martin Valencia

    you should make a hi-def jpeg file for these posters, so we could post them in facebook.

  • toniradmann

    There is a Halloween Party at a local bar with a $500 prize for best costume. I am going as a Billionaire For Wealthcare and hope to take first place! This is a good opportunity for all billionaires to strut their cause, please spread the word…

  • Vigrx plus


  • Douglas Kladis

    Don't Forget Christmas is coming we have our own carols versions

  • nuttinbutt

    Street satire at it's best. Right on.

  • duh

    I'd like to see a spoof of: Sally Struthers making a heart felt plea for money to sponsor reading tutors for republican Senators who can't seem to get even one page of the HC Bill read. Won't you help a poor, illiterate, millionaire politician today?

  • cracked

    This website and corresponding protest is genius.

    Nicely done.

  • cracked

    This website and corresponding protest is genius.

    Nicely done.

  • benjiepasiglandingin


    hi guy's…how's everyone….just drop by to greet everybody a happy good day..
    take care and god bless….

  • benjiepasiglandingin

    hey what's up????
    how's everyone????

  • Goldie Sachs

    It’s been a while since I checked out this website. I think it use to be called Billionaires for Bush. I would love to get involved again. Maybe we could do a little street show somewhere in AZ~nothing like satire to get the point across.

  • Drumpoet311

    Embittered, chronically poor, condescending and sarcastic. Enjoy the ride because the ride is short. Eventually you will suffocate yourselves in your own arrogance and self appointed intellectual superiority. Satire is the highest form of idiocy. How sad. Confused and irrelevant, the left marches on.

  • Drumpoet311

    I assume that most of you are of comfortable homes and somewhat educated. If the opposite is true, then I think that you would most likely be working your butts off trying to make a living. What I mean is, if you knew what poverty was, I think you’d be spending less time pointing your fingers and more time pulling your weight. You may believe that your gesture is noble but nobility and blame do not go side by side. However, blame and hypocrisy do. Every last one of you would be on the complete opposite side of the fence if the cards had fallen in your favor and not that of the wealthy. You want what they want but you can’t have it because they won’t give it to you and that makes you really mad. You’re just jealous, envious cretins who veil their own corruption and greed in political outrage and propaganda. Tell me, how many of you actually give of your own time to help those who are truly needy and destitute? Would that not be of a higher calling than this meager fad you call a protest? Sure, you think that peaceful assembly is the pinnacle of all intellectualism but how much progress are you really making by waving a sign? The fat cats will still be fat tomorrow. Besides, the true pinnacle of generosity and revolution stems from the heart not the mind. I hate to break it to you like this, but, in black and white, you’re all talk. Why waste your time picking a fight you can’t win when you can battle the poverty in your own backyard with nothing more but your own two hands?



  • Tatateeta

    You’re spelling is “horrible”.

  • fred perry polo shirts

    Eventually you will suffocate yourselves in your own arrogance and self appointed intellectual superiority. Satire is the highest form of idiocy. How sad. Confused and irrelevant, the left marches on.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad somebody is looking out for the besieged billionaires. God Ble$$ Americuh!

  • big pony polo shirts

    the signs are very creative and simple.

  • lacoste canada

    This is truly a breath of fresh air, it’s nice to know that not all Americans are selfish, blindly informed and stupid.

  • cheap lacoste polo shirts

    lacoste polo  He ran his horse up the hill

  • HerpDerp

    And that should be _Your_ spelling is horrible. Glass houses, really.

  • Switched-on

    That’s the point. This system has made every one work day and night for his living and having no time to think for a change. Every one is busy in their own lives that they don’t even want to think about what actually is going around them, in their neighborhood and  their country. Life has been changed into a race; a race for survival and then a race for getting richer and richer and richer so that no one gets out of this race. This race only ends when your life ends. 
    So, the point is that if someone has the time to get out of this race and think for a better change, its not like he does not know what poverty is. It is like he is thinking and doing something for awareness and ultimately, for creating such sn environment where every one has equal opportunities to excel in life.


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